Image of CyberGuru's former and present logos since 1997

An accomplished history spanning over fifteen years

Over the past fifteen years, CyberGuru has continued to grow and mature in the computer solutions market.


A timeline of CyberGuru’s business success looking back since our beginnings in 1997.

1997: CyberGuru commenced operating under the proprietor’s name, Christopher Jeffery “Computer Guru”. Our newly developed website at the time was our main point of call for new business, but word of mouth amongst supportive family and friends allowed us to grow and develop our client base quickly. One of our first major clients was a nearby primary school who regularly sourced us for computer maintenance under what is now known as our Support solution.

1998: 1998 continued to be a growth year with clients continuing to use and recommend CyberGuru’s solutions. Our second major client was Chris’ secondary school. Chris organised and led their multimedia club, and was quoted in the college yearbook as “the source of computer expertise needed by club members and others throughout the school”. Chris developed a PowerPoint presentation for the Annual Speech Night, which was regarded by many as the highlight of the evening. The success of this resulted in gaining over a dozen clients utilising our Design and Training solutions.

1999: In 1999, CyberGuru continued to move forward and Chris developed his skills further. The “Nudgee College Interactive” website was launched in early 1998 which was designed and developed in conjunction with the multimedia club. In October, the website won a national competition for website design, the “Intel Australia On-line Awards Web-site Competition”. Later that year, the first survey was sent to clients and website visitors to determine the needs of clients and prospective clients.

2000: Following the results of the survey, Chris undertook an overhaul of business operations and developed a new look for the business in 2000. The solutions were then developed further. An increasingly growing number of clients employed Christopher’s solutions. The website was then formally known as CyberGuru was then “Christopher Jeffery Computer Solutions”. Chris signed up for a traineeship in multimedia.

2001: In 2001, Chris continued to do his traineeship work and complete his multimedia traineeship. At the end of the traineeship, his instructor, said that “…in [his] experience as an instructor, I do not think I have found anyone with the work ethic and eagerness to learn that Chris displayed throughout his course…”.

2002: Chris had a major uptake with five major new clients who requested websites. The business plan for 2003-2005 was developed to ensure the projected growth remained steady. A repositioning survey was sent out to clients, prospective clients and friends to seek how we could improve better and to decide on a new look for the business.

2003: 1 April marked the repositioning of “CyberGuru”, becoming integrated with both the business and website. As part of the relaunch, Chris developed an entire new look and feel for the business and the solutions provided. A new website for CyberGuru was developed. The year continued to be a period of steady growth, with a number of new clients and projects on board.

2004: Chris was nominated for the second year running for the Australasian Student Entrepreneur Award, a national and international award for “recognition of exceptional entrepreneurial skill and creativity among undergraduate students enrolled in universities and technical colleges in Australasia.”

2005: As part of feedback from the last survey and operational requirements, several changes took place to CyberGuru in 2005. CyberGuru introduced Annual Contracts for the Design and Support solutions, both of which were very successful and innovative in the market at the time. We also created new Website Design Packages, which bundled together domain name registration for two years, a year’s website hosting and initial website design. Chris completed the remainder of his study completing his dual-degree in Business and Information Systems course at University. Growth of CyberGuru continued at a steady pace, with several new clients coming on board through word of mouth.

2006: In 2006, Chris completed industry-recognised certifications as a Microsoft Certified Professional with Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician qualifications. He also commenced developing the next business plan, focussed on becoming more dynamic in our approach to service delivery. The plan seeks to outline our progress in the since 2003 and guide us past our first decade of successful operations. Integral to this plan are business partnerships. We are continuing to develop and extend our solutions further. These partnerships will enable our clients to receive personalised services from CyberGuru with the backing of these respected organizations that will enable us to deliver a more proactive service.

2007: Chris successfully received qualifications as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Microsoft Windows Vista – Configuration and as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Enterprise Support Technician, one of the first in the world. Chris also attained a foundations certification in IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

2008: Chris continually improved and refined CyberGuru with new and refined strategies in revised business plan to continue its success into the future. CyberGuru continued to develop partnerships with other organisations, including Symantec, NetRegistry and MelbourneIT.

2009: CyberGuru scaled back operations, however at the same time continue to develop skills and upgraded several qualifications, including numerous Microsoft Windows 7 and Small Business Specialist 2008 certifications. Plans to redesign CyberGuru’s online presence, featuring a new blog and a redeveloped myCyberGuru personalised portal for clients commenced.

2010: This year marked the appearance of CyberGuru’s rebranded corporate image, new look website and logo. CyberGuru moved towards a more online presence, providing a range of new features, including a frequently updated blog, replacing the existing CyberGuru Newsletter. Chris also upgraded his ITIL foundations certification to version 3.

2011: CyberGuru continued to develop and maintain its website, enhancing the Portfolio and providing additional features onto the website. Chris continued to develop his knowledge and skills by completing the latest Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

2012: CyberGuru celebrates its fifteenth year of successful operations. Over the years, we’ve continued what we doing what we do best – providing award-winning, professional and affordable computer solutions in consulting, design, support and training. Chris has continued to maintain his professional skills by completing a Foundations certificate in PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2) Project Management methodology. Chris was also named the Australian Computer Society Queensland Young ICT Professional of the Year.

2013: Chris commences operating CyberGuru on a full-time basis. Along with new individual clients, CyberGuru secures new clients both within small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. New partnerships with Citrix Online, Express Data, Ingram Micro, Telstra and TPP Wholesale are established. The CyberGuru Newsletter relaunches providing regular updates to clients and prospective clients. Chris obtains qualifications as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (Windows 8) and Microsoft Specialist – Administering Office 365 for Small Business Specialist.

2014: CyberGuru experiences sizable growth in client base and works with a range of new clients across a range of industries including small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals. CyberGuru establishes a range of new partnerships including 2X, MigrationWiz and SOTI to continue to expand our cloud services offerings. Chris completes Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – Volume Licensing Specialist and Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills (TAELLN411) qualifications.

2015: CyberGuru celebrates our 18th birthday, becomes a member of the Microsoft Partner Research Panel (MSPRP). Chris was nominated for two awards – Young Business Person of the Year for the second year in a row from the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards, as well as the inaugural Young Alumnus of the Year from Australian Catholic University.

2016: Today, CyberGuru continues to grow and be at the forefront of the computer services market. Through our continual service improvement processes, planning for future opportunities and exciting new initiatives commencing developments are underway through a range of projects.

Please read our CyberGuru Blog for further insight on what we are doing to make our business even more relevant to our clients by focussing on their needs by being dynamic, proactive and responsive.


Our internet presence

Our internet presence has also changed considerably, particularly in our chosen website and email hosting providers, to the names and versions of the websites and the various range of designs we’ve developed for ourselves.

Website and email hosting providers:

  1. Brisbane Internet Technology (1997-1998)
  2. GeoCities (1998-1999)
  3. HyperMart (1999-2002)
  4. Ilisys (2002-2011)
  5. SmartyHost (2011-2012)
  6. Seiretto (2012-2013)
  7. TPP Wholesale (2013-Present)

Website names and versions:

  1. “Christopher Jeffery Computer Guru” (1997)
  2. “CyberGuru versions 1 to 9” (1997-1999)
  3. “CyberGuru Web 2000” (2000)
  4. “Christopher Jeffery Computer Solutions (CyberGuru)” (2001-2002)
  5. “CyberGuru” (2003-2010)
  6. “CyberGuru” (2010-2013)
  7. “CyberGuru” (2013-2015)
  8. “CyberGuru 2015” (2015-Present)

Website designs:

 "Christopher Jeffery Computer Guru" (1997)
Christopher Jeffery Computer Guru (1997)
 "CyberGuru version 1" (1998)
CyberGuru version 1 (1997)
 "CyberGuru version 2" (1997)
CyberGuru version 2 (1997)
 "CyberGuru version 3" (1997)
CyberGuru version 3 (1997)
 "CyberGuru version 4" (1998)
CyberGuru version 4 (1998)
 "CyberGuru version 5" (1998)
CyberGuru version 5 (1998)
 "CyberGuru version 6" (1998)
CyberGuru version 6 (1998)
"CyberGuru version 7" (1998)
CyberGuru version 7 (1998)
 "CyberGuru version 8" (1998-1999)
CyberGuru version 8 (1998-1999)
 "CyberGuru version 9" (1999-2000)
CyberGuru version 9 (1999-2000)
"CyberGuru Web 2000 formally Christopher Jeffery Computer Solutions (CyberGuru)" (2000)
CyberGuru Web 2000 formally
Christopher Jeffery Computer Solutions
(CyberGuru) (2000)
"Christopher Jeffery Computer Solutions (CyberGuru)" (2001)
Christopher Jeffery
Computer Solutions
(CyberGuru) (2001)
 "Christopher Jeffery Computer Solutions (CyberGuru)" (2002)
Christopher Jeffery
Computer Solutions (CyberGuru) (2002)
 "CyberGuru" (2003-2010)
CyberGuru (2003-2010)
"CyberGuru" (2010-2013)
CyberGuru (2010-2013)
"CyberGuru" (2013-Present)
CyberGuru (2013-Present)