Merry Christmas!

CyberGuru would like to wish you and your families every wish over the festive season. Thank you for your continual support this year. We look forward to working with you for another successful year in 2010.

CyberGuru will be closed for business from Thursday 24 December 2009 and will return for business on Monday 4 January 2010.

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Managing your email effectively

The beginning of the new year is a great time to create a new start on managing all of the email! Spring cleaning your old contacts and email messages can be a great start, but if you are looking to really effectively manage your email, you’ll need to take control of it early in the year (it was a resolution now, wasn’t it?).

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Preparing a new computer

Over the holiday period is great time to go out and purchase one, with many special deals and offers available out there! However, whichever way you have gone, it is important to be prepared rather than willing go out just purchase a new computer, but have consideration of the other things you should do in order to prepare it for use once you’ve purchased it!

Whilst CyberGuru offers a Consulting solution to enable you to find the best computer to suit your needs and budget, we’ve put together this check list of other things you should do in order to prepare it for use once you’ve purchased it!

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Welcome to the CyberGuru Blog

CyberGuru provides award-winning, professional and affordable computer solutions to small businesses, not for profit organisations and individuals. Since 1997, we have been at the forefront of the computer services industry providing consulting, design, support and training.

The CyberGuru Blog is the new place for all things CyberGuru, including a range of computer-related news and features for our valued clients. Whether relating to technical, business or the media, you’ll find it covered here!

Have a suggestion on what you’d like to hear about? Please let us know by contacting us (link opens in new window).

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