Should I get a website?

blog-shouldigetawebsiteWhen we meet discuss to our solutions with prospective clients, we often get asked the question, “Should I get a website?”. In terms of answering this, it is important to consider and understand a number of points before going ahead with a website. We believe these points are also important to those who already have a website to increase the visitors and therefore, more business.

  • Know what the purpose of your website is. This is important to determine before going ahead. For example, if you are product or services-based business, it may be to advertise your business’ products or services or for a not-for-profit organisation it might be to stimulate awareness of your projects or campaigns.
  • A website needs to be promoted. Many businesses don’t advertise that they have a website! To get your website “out there” and visited, it involves sharing its address with others, through business cards, publications and other material. For instance, CyberGuru has a range of promotional material, all of which includes our website address. We often tell people about our website and what they can find on there (eg. to be able to subscribe to our CyberGuru Newsletter). Speaking of which, are you subscribed to our newsletter?
  • A website must be kept updated. In order for people to find your website on Google or other search engines it needs to be regularly updated. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you could simply update your blog with the latest news or even simple tips and advice. In our mind, it is not worth investing in a website unless you are willing to maintain it or employ someone to do so on a regular basis.

If CyberGuru can be of any assistance in designing, developing or maintaining your website through our Design solution, please feel free to contact us.

The importance of backing up

blog-importanceofbackingupCyberGuru has recently been contacted by several new clients regarding difficulties with their computers. Before we undertook any work, we asked whether they had a recent backup. Unfortunately, many didn’t have backups, let alone a process in place for regular backup, which meant that their data would potentially be lost if their computer’s hard disk drive failed!


We recommend that a backup is performed on a regular basis, how often depending on how often your computer is being used however for most weekly is sufficient.

Like many routine chores, the difficulty is actually getting around to doing it, so we suggest a suitable solution that will enable you have peace of mind and not to actually don’t want to think about it!

In order to backup your computer, we suggest the following:

  • Purchase a suitable external hard disk drive, for example, a Western Digital 2GB external hard disk drive can be bought for about $100 from a local computer store.
  • Configure Windows to perform automatic backups on a regular basis (such as a Saturday afternoon or at a period when the computer is not used).
  • Include all of the folder you would consider important (such as personal documents and family photos). It is also worthwhile confirming to make sure you save files in the correct locations which will be backed up.
  • Once the backup has been performed, confirm it was successfully completed by checking in the Action Centre or the computer’s system logs.
  • Perform a test backup by restoring a file every so often to ensure the backup is operating correctly.
  • On a half-yearly basis, run a backup on a separate media (such as a second external hard disk drive or on DVD discs).

CyberGuru is able to assist this process by performing the above tasks for you through our Support solution, or we can show you how to do this so you can manage this yourself. Either way, by doing so you can sleep soundly at night by having a good and reliable backup system in place. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you.

Symantec offering $30 cashback on Norton products

blog-nortonrebateAs part of the Symantec Spring 2013 rebate program, you are able to obtain a $30 cashback for Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security if you purchase and activate by 23 September 2013.




As noted on the Symantec Norton $30 Rebate website (link opens in new window):

If you purchase one of these retail box products:

  • Norton 360 Multi-Device v1 for 3, 5 or 10 Devices
  • Norton 360 v7 for 3, 5 or 10 PCs
  • Norton Internet Security 2013 for 3, 5 or 10 PCs
  • Norton Internet Security for Mac

from any Australian or New Zealand retail store between July 22, 2013 and September 23, 2013 inclusive you can claim a $30 rebate from Symantec.

Claims close at 11:59pm AWST on September 23, 2013.*

We strongly recommend to all clients that a suitable internet security software for computers as well as smartphones and tablets. Our preferred software is Norton 360 Multi-Device which provides protection for a range of operating systems including Windows, Macs and Androids.

CyberGuru receives no payments or commissions for the purchasing of Norton products. This information is provided as a suggestion and not an endorsement.

If you have any questions or require any assistance in purchasing, installing or upgrading your internet security package, please contact us.

Relaunched CyberGuru Newsletter available in inboxes everywhere

blog-cybergurunewsletterThe July 2013 edition of the CyberGuru Newsletter has hit the inboxes everywhere! We are extremely grateful for all of the positive feedback we have received. The CyberGuru Newsletter was sent to clients who have used our solutions in the past, prospective clients who have expressed interest in our solutions and those who opted in via our website.


When we introduced the CyberGuru Blog, it replaced our quarterly CyberGuru Newsletter. The CyberGuru Blog brought considerable interest in CyberGuru and our computer solutions to prospective clients, but unfortunately our clients weren’t always able to be kept abreast of our news and happenings unless they accessed our website on a regular basis.

At the time of the launch of the CyberGuru Blog, social networking was quite new. More recently we have embraced LinkedIn and Twitter as part of our business. Further details of this can be found on our recent CyberGuru Blog post, Increasing our online presence by embracing social networking.

Earlier in the year, we launched our new website integrating both the CyberGuru Blog and social networking, so we thought it was timely to reintroduce the CyberGuru Newsletter. The now monthly newsletter will feature the latest updates from the CyberGuru website, the CyberGuru Blog and more.

If you would like to read this issue, you can view it for a limited time.

If you haven’t already subscribed and are keen on doing so, you may register via the CyberGuru Newsletter website.