Why it is important to apply required updates

Why it is important to apply required updates

Whilst the importance of process of performing the necessary critical and important updates required for Windows and Office is often discussed, it is often less mentioned the need to do this for your other programs installed on your computer.

Some computer users may falsely believe they have secure environment as they keep their Windows and Office updates, perform routine virus scans and run regular backups, however to maintain your computer’s integrity and security purposes, you also need to apply them for your other programs also.

Updates become available for third-party programs including Adobe Reader, Apple’s iTunes and QuickTime as well as Java Runtime Environment on a regular basis, which can enhance the program’s performance as well as improve your computer’s security.

These updates are usually not as intrusive as Windows updates when are restart is required. The way to check for updates for these programs can vary, however by checking the Windows notification area (located near the clock) if you have set them to download and install automatically.

Alternatively, you might find that an update is waiting for you to install you may also find an update waiting when you next start the program. Generally another way to confirm open the program, click Help menu and select the “Check for updates” item.

By checking for updates as part of your maintenance routine, or setting them to download and install automatically, you can be assured your computer is secure and well protected.

If you need a hand doing setting up the automatic updates feature or applying the updates yourself, or require a hand in doing so, please contact us for our Support solution.

Free one year subscription to Norton Mobile Security

Free one year subscription to Norton Mobile Security

Symantec is providing a one year free subscription to Norton Mobile Security, valued at $30, to enable you to protect your Android phones or tablets, iPhones, and iPads (running Android 2.2 or later or iOS 5.0 or later).

If you haven’t already protected your smartphone and tablets with internet security protection, earlier this year we wrote about the importance of having internet security software on all of your devices.

Norton Mobile Security provides you with the ability to protect your devices against potential privacy risks, malware and phishing, backup and restore your contacts and pinpoint your missing device on a map to help you find it. For more details about Norton Mobile Security, please visit Symantec’s website (link opens in new window).

In order to obtain the free subscription, you are required to enter your email address to receive a unique promotional code on the Norton Yellow Card website (link opens in new window). You will then be asked to enter the promotional code and your credit card details in the Norton shipping card to complete the transaction. Symantec assures no charge will be processed onto your credit card. However, we suggest you unselect “Yes, renew my subscription automatically. (Recommended)” to disable the automatic renewal in a year’s time.

To participate in this offer, be aware that there is one licence per household and the offer expires on 31 August 2014. For any support needs you may have, please contact CyberGuru for our Support solution.

Apologies: The earlier version of this blog advised to select “Yes, renew my subscription automatically. (Recommended)” to disable the automatic renewal in a year’s time. We actually suggest you unselect this option.

Save money on your equipment purchases

Save money on your equipment purchases

As we reach closer to the end of financial year, many stores offer enticing stocktake and “end of financial year sales” to encourage you to purchase their equipment before June 30 that you have been longing for since Christmas. However, another way to save on your purchases is to consider when manufacturers provide special offers or other incentives such as rebates, cash back or gift cards. These are not often publicised by the retail stores nor the manufacturers themselves until you seek them out.

Whilst the sales process of selling of various equipment happens throughout the year, now is a particular time to be savvy upon your purchases to save money. Some manufacturers currently providing ”cash back” and gift card rebates for the purchase of their items during a particular period. We have previously covered Norton 360 rebates that are offered on a seasonal basis, however, there are also there organisations which do this.

Many organisations are currently offering rebates in the form of gift cards and other promotional offers. For instance, Microsoft (link opens in new window) is offering a 30% cash back on the recommended retail price for the purchase of Microsoft PC accessories purchased between 6 July 2014. Further, HP (link opens in new window) is offering $20 and $30 Visa gift cards for purchasing multiple ink cartridges until 31 July. Some offers are not widely advertised and until you visit the manufacturer’s website you may not realise what is on offer until you look. For instance, HP (link opens in new window) and Samsung (link opens in new window) advertise its offers clearly on their Promotions page, however you might need to look further for other organisations or do a search on the internet to see what is on offer.

If you are happy to wait until a particular item is on special, then it is recommended you keep an eye out on the website for the manufacturer of the product you are after. By purchasing during a manufacturer’s promotional offer you can save more than just waiting for an end of financial year sale. Just don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and be sure claim them before the end of the period!

If CyberGuru can help you any way in the purchase of any equipment before the end of financial year, please feel free to contact us to enlist our Consulting solution.

CyberGuru Proprietor/Chief Guru achieves Volume Licensing Specialist, Small and Medium Organisations certification

CyberGuru Proprietor/Chief Guru achieves Volume Licensing Specialist, Small and Medium Organisations certification

Chris Jeffery, Proprietor/Chief Guru of CyberGuru, has recently become successful in achieving an accredited Volume Licensing Specialist, Small and Medium Organisations certification from Microsoft.

Adding to his existing Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist qualifications, this certification provides Chris with the capability to continue to provide professional advice and support to our clients to assist them in their product licencing requirements in Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Office and Office 365.

The certification validates our ability to define a solution that best suits our clients’ needs. The skills tested in the exam required the ability to analyse the client’s environment, identify their product and capability requirements, recommend licensing solution options and provide post-sales customer service. Whilst we provide as part of our Consulting solution, we are now recognised by Microsoft and accredited in this field.

With this certification, we are look to continue to grow our Consulting solution and working with our clients and prospective clients to deliver their Microsoft product licencing requirements. Please feel free to contact us to enlist our Consulting solution if we can assist in any way.