Chief Guru

Chris Jeffery, Chief Guru, CyberGuruChris Jeffery
B.Bus. (HR Mgmt), B.Info.Sys., MCP, MACS (Snr) CP

In 2022, Christopher (Chris) Jeffery celebrates 25 years in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Chris has an extensive technical and professional background, with experience in delivering business and ICT services to businesses, educational providers, not-for-profit organisations and individuals.

With a dedication to ongoing knowledge and skill development, Chris offers cutting edge solutions by considering their whole ICT environment along with their current and future needs. He enjoys working with clients to enable and empower them to get the most out of their technology.

As Chief Guru of CyberGuru, Chris enables his clients to fully realise the benefits of their ICT environment by provide ICT services in consulting, design, support and training. He has established and developed business partnerships with like-minded organisations to collaborate and deliver products and services to clients, and delivers professional development, short courses and training sessions and caterers to various audiences, industries, and skill levels.

Chris was appointed an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion Alumnus by the Queensland Government in recognition of his work in the community to educate people in staying safe online and his work with not-for-profits, allowing them to implement new technologies, access discounted software, and become more self-sufficient in maintaining their technology.

Chris holds a dual degree in Business and Information Systems and has numerous industry qualifications including Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Microsoft Certified Professional and is a Certified (Senior) Professional Member of the Australian Computer Society. He was also named Australian Computer Society Queensland Young ICT Professional of the Year in 2012 for his initiative and leadership in promoting and serving the ICT community in Queensland.

Chris is passionate about sharing his experience with others and mentoring future ICT professionals through his various roles in the higher education and vocational education and training sectors. Chris has held casual academia roles as a lecturer, tutor and teacher at various universities, TAFEs and private Registered Training Organisations supporting the next generation of students, graduates and employees, business owners.

Qualifications achieved by Chris Jeffery, Chief Guru, CyberGuru

Business Development Guru

Jessie Jeffery, Business Development Guru, CyberGuruJessie Jeffery
PhD, MPH, BSc (Hons)

Jessie Jeffery is an accomplished technologist, researcher, strategist, and educator. She is a passionate supporter of small and medium businesses and helps them create IT environments that support their business goals and strategies. She also assists them in meeting their legal obligations around data protection and breaches.

Prior to joining CyberGuru, Jessie had an extensive career in medical research. During her time in research she published ten papers in respected journals and gained skills in statistical analysis, grant writing, critical thinking, troubleshooting and project management. She also developed a strong interest in education and supervised many high school and university students.

Being the “silent” partner many years before coming on board officially in 2016, Jessie was already familiar with CyberGuru and a strong supporter of its mission and values. Since that time, she has sought to utilise technology more fully to provide a better experience for clients by making data insights more accessible to clients. Her non-traditional pathway into the ICT sector has enabled her to bring an alternate perspective to the industry, allowing her to produce creative and innovative solutions.

Jessie also holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and has worked with school-based Registered Training Organisations and Australian Catholic University as a course/content developer, trainer and lecturer.

Technical Guru

Alberto TeruzziAlberto Teruzzi

Alberto Teruzzi has nearly 10 years’ experience in working with both small and large businesses providing a range of end-to-end solutions including desktop, web, cloud and mobile technologies. Alberto has a keen passion for computing, problem solving and helping others, making him a perfect fit for our team. He is focused our business improvement and efficiencies through automation of processes, system development and integration.