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Our clients’ testimonials are our best form of advertising. Here is a selection of them.

“[Chris] has demonstrated business acumen together with specific skills in computer software and hardware. He is industrious, courteous, reliable and with impeccable manners and presentation…He is eager and willing to please and gives his time freely to many “not for profit”, community and public organisations.”

“Chris has demonstrated excellent time management skills, a commitment to learning and an ability to be self managing. His reliability, motivation and integrity have gained him the respect of peers and colleagues. His work ethic, sense of responsibility and communication skills have been demonstrated through his business activities.”

“I have found Chris to be reliable and honest in all aspects of his employment as a trainee at Nudgee College. He is skilled at his particular study pursuit in the Multi-media area and is willing to learn new approaches in his field.”

“The Foundation has found Chris to be a most diligent, honest and professional business man. His dedication to his work and studies will prove valuable assets in his future dealings with the world of business.”

“Being a relative newcomer to computers and computer technology I have found Chris’ informative teaching and training most helpful. His expansive knowledge of information technology and “obliging manner with all kinds of queries makes for productive instruction.”

“Acting as Webmaster for the Australia-wide organisation, I have always found Chris most willing to assist with any inquiries. He always immediately attends to changes we require on the website. Chris has also offered advice on the text to ensure it is as effective as possible.”

“Chris has always been very punctual with work completed. When asked to complete tasks he often identifies issues of concern in advance and provides actions to enhance the website or improve the functionality of services. I admire him for his intelligent, proactive and common sense approach to task completion. Chris is well organised and provides timely reports and contractual information. I have always believed his services are excellent value for money.”

“THANK YOU!!! Just want to say a big thank you to Chris Jeffery at CyberGuru for sourcing, setting up and maintaining all our new Public Access computers. We especially appreciate his generous spirit and helpful attitude in accommodating our requirements.”

“Chris Jeffery worked with us on developing teaching and learning materials to support the delivery of Certificate II in Information Digital Media and Technology. The materials are of a high quality and are easy for both teachers and students to use. We have also engaged Chris to deliver professional development sessions to support our assessors. Chris always conducts himself in a very professional manner, meets deadlines and communicates his knowledge effectively. I would recommend him to other schools delivering certificate courses in the field of Information Technology.”

“As a marketing agency we rely on expert and timely IT advice. With Chris and Cyberguru, that’s precisely what we receive. Chris is a problem solver who always goes the extra mile. He gets to the bottom of issues and finds the right solution to get our clients up and running an carrying with their businesses. In Cyberguru we have a trusted, reliable and business-friendly IT partner.”

“Thanks CyberGuru I feel like you deserve to wear your underpants on the outside like every other super hero. My call to you today seemed to have fixed everything. So glad to be a member of the chamber and have trusted experts I can call in times of need. I promise not to wait for another virus threat before I call you again!”

“Chris Jeffery at Cyber Guru has to be the Clark Kent of the cyber world. I moved the office from Milton to kelvin Grove. On the first day we suffered a power surge which resulted in a major Optus email and google g- service outage…all at the same time. By that stage I had already been offline for two working days during the move and was feeling more than a bit tense. But I called in Chris from Cyber Guru. By Friday afternoon he had reviewed my network of ageing cobbled together computers, had me back online with a new wifi service and remarkably increased connection speed. He then re-purposed my main desktop computer as the ‘server’ for the new wifi network, This saved me the cost of a NAS, I was thinking of buying, which enabled me to order a new high spec laptop for use as my roaming workstation in lieu, which Chris was able to supply for a very good price. Who was that masked man?”

“Exceptional Service, fixed my computer fast and efficiently, will be using them again, highly recommend”

More testimonials and references are available on request.