Ask CyberGuru – What happens if I forget to renew my domain name registration?

Ask CyberGuru – What happens if I forget to renew my domain name registration?

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In this month’s instalment of Ask CyberGuru, we answer the question, “What happens if I forget to renew my domain name registration?”.

When you buy an Australian domain name (such as,, and you own the use of that domain for the term of the registration (usually two years).

If you forget to renew your domain registration and it expires there is a 30 day grace period, during which time you can renew your domain by paying the renewal fee. During this time the domain is removed from the internet and cannot be updated. Regardless of when the domain name is renewed, the new expiry date is automatically set to 2 years from the previous expiry date.

If you fail to renew your registration during the grace period it becomes a “dropped domain” and can be bought instantly by an interested party. There are many websites and third parties which monitor dropped domains, looking for interesting domain names to buy and on-sell to new companies or re-sell to the old owner for what can be a large profit. If your domain name is scooped up by one of these companies it can be a long and expensive process to buy it back.

If you have an international domain name (such as .com, .org, .net or .biz) there is an additional redemption period after the grace period before it becomes a dropped domain, but the price of renewal goes up significantly.

The easiest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to renew your domain registration as soon as you receive your first renewal reminder email. If you have your domain name hosted with CyberGuru we provide several reminder emails to our clients to ensure they don’t forget.

If you would like to buy or renew a domain name with CyberGuru, please contact us today or visit our Domain names page to review pricing and make a purchase.

Time to minimise your tax for this financial year?

Time to minimise your tax for this financial year?

Federal government tax break

With only four weeks remaining of the current financial year, we look at ways you can minimise your tax this financial year.

The Australian Government’s tax break announced last year allowing small businesses to make an immediate deduction on items up to $20,000 can still be claimed. This makes it an ideal time to upgrade computers (desktops, laptops and tablets), servers and other electronic devices including printers.

CyberGuru offer a range of hardware at competitive prices from companies such as Toshiba, ASUS and more. We can also provide software including Microsoft Office 2016 and 365, Norton Security Premium, WD portable hard drives and Acronis backup software, many of these at below recommended retail price.

If you are unsure what your exact requirements are we are happy to discuss your needs and prepare a tailored solution for you.

If you would like to take advantage of the tax break or any of these services please contact us to discuss your needs. CyberGuru can also provide consulting, support and training, all of which can be classified as a business expense to minimise your taxable income. domain names half price for the next week only domain names half price for the next week only domain names half price for the next week only

Are you looking to purchase a new domain name for your new or existing small business or not-for-profit organisation?

For the next week only, as an end of financial year special you can purchase a domain name for half the regular price. At just $22 for two years, a domain name can provide your organisation with the recognition it deserves.

A domain name is your front door to your business and provides customers and visitors with ways to find you online. It can be used for your email address and allow you to brand your business in unique ways.

If you already have an existing website, CyberGuru can provide you with Domain Manager at a small additional monthly cost, which allows you to use additional functions of your domain name even without a website, including forwarding and redirection to another site hosted elsewhere. If you aren’t ready for a website, you may choose to use our Email Hosting plans. Alternatively, you may look for a Website Hosting plan also. We can also assist with website design and maintenance services through our Design solution.

To register your domain name or find out more on domain names, email hosting or website hosting, please contact us.

Terms and conditions:

Please note that in order to participate in this offer, CyberGuru will register the domain name however you will have ownership of this. To do this, we need your Australian Business Number (ABN) and some additional information. This price applies to new two year registrations for domain names only. Regular price is $44/two years. Price shown in Australian dollars. Offer ends at midday 25 June 2015 AEST.

Five reasons why you should use commercial email hosting in your organisation

Five reasons why you should use commercial email hosting in your organisation

Whilst websites are increasingly popular, on occasion where we receive a business card or brochure, the organisation advertising is using an email address supplied by their internet service provider or a free email address provider, such as Gmail or Not only do these not look unprofessional, they can also present a number of risks to your business. We provide five reasons for using commercial email hosting in your organisation.

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What is the difference between a and domain name?

What is the difference between a and domain name?

A common question we receive when speaking to our clients and prospective clients about domain names for their organisation is whether to purchase a or domain name.

The domain names are identical in price, and often times there may be confusion over which one is better. Generally speaking, there are few differences between both domain names and can work to your advantage.

In the past, domain names used to be recommended information technology businesses such as internet service providers. However, over time this has been effectively used by businesses in other industries and sectors. In fact, many businesses purchase both the and for protection and assurance to protect their branding and to secure their rights. For instance, we own both and

Whilst domain names are the most popular, there are significantly more domain names available. Many businesses may also purchase names similar to their business

Perhaps you are a business named John Smith Associates providing law services to Brisbane-north based organisations. In addition to suitable domain name with your business name, such as, you may consider purchasing a generic term such as and forwarding it back to the primary domain name. This can help bring in visitors who may not know the name of your business but looking for law services in the local area.

AusRegistry, Australian’s domain name registrar provides further information on what is a and (link opens in new window). CyberGuru can assist you with advice to help purchase the right domain names for your organisations, finding out availability and providing assistance in setting up and configuring the domain names through CyberGuru’s Domain names product. If you have any questions, please contact us.