We can find the right backup plan for any data you have stored whether it’s in the cloud, on your premises or a combination of the two.

Cloud backup

Did you know the cloud isn’t automatically backed up? What would happen if you lost everything you have stored in the cloud?

Regardless of whether data becomes lost due to accidental deletion or overwriting, corruption or cyber attack, you need a backup to solution to keep your data safe.

Microsoft 365 does not provide backups of its environment. Permanently deleted items in Outlook are removed after 14 days, and SharePoint and OneDrive files in the recycle bin after 30 days. Similarly, Google Workspace automatically empties its trash can after 30 days. With 75% of data loss occurring to human error,  this is one area businesses need to protect themselves.

The benefits of cloud backup solutions include:

  • Coverage of your email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams or Google Workspace equivalent.
  • Back ups performed every eight hours to capture changes made throughout the day
  • Cloud storage of your data in two data centres in Sydney and Melbourne so you have a back up of your back up.

If you want the peace of mind knowing you can quickly recover from data loss then call us today.


On premises backup

What would you do if your computer, server or NAS died? Having regular backups is essential to ensure you have the ability to recover your data no matter what happens.

Our on premise backup solutions are customised to your business, taking into account the size, frequency and location of data being collected.

The benefits of on premises backup solutions include:

  • Backups of both devices and user accounts
  • The ability to customise a solution to your business needs
  • Having an off-site copy of your data so that if something happens to your place of work, you still have your data.

If you want the peace of mind knowing you can quickly recover from data loss then call us today.