CyberGuru strongly suggest all owners of WordPress websites upgrade WordPress to the latest version as they become available. CyberGuru clients subscribing to our Website Maintenance Service will receive these updates as part of their subscription, however non-subscribers and clients not using our Website Maintenance Service may wish to consider subscribing.

This service will provide you with the confidence and knowledge that this website is continually maintained and updated by:

  • Creating a monthly backup of your website onto CyberGuru’s servers
  • Installing WordPress security updates and associated plugins to the latest version
  • Testing to ensure that the updates have been applied correctly on your website
  • Notifying you that the maintenance has been completed successfully

We have changed this pricing to be on a prorata basis at our hourly rate and invoiced on a quarterly basis. If you wish for CyberGuru to proceed with updating your website, either as a one-off maintenance or to Website Maintenance Service,  please contact us and we will arrange to do this for you.