CyberGuru recommends regular computer maintenance of your computer hardware and software on a scheduled basis. Like a car, regular maintenance is essential for ensuring your computer runs at its full potential. This can minimise “breakdowns” by allowing your computer to operate smoothly.

CyberGuru can perform regular maintenance of your computers either remotely or onsite at a scheduled date/time agreed in advance.

The tasks include checking your computer’s hardware and software’s running the latest operating system, system updates as well as software can reduce the likelihood of crashes and system downtime whilst ensuring the system is secure.

We recommend maintenance on computers approximately every month to keep them running at an optimal level, where we check for and apply the necessary updates to installed hardware and software, review system logs, check that backups have been performed (where backup software is installed) and advise on any issues found.

The cost of this service varies depends on your environment, however a cost can be provided once a diagnostic is undertaken.

Please contact us for more information.