Needing to improve the look of your business? CyberGuru can assist with developing interactive and eye-catching websites, logos, brochures and much more. We are well experienced and have our clients to attest to our success.

If you are in need of getting to your target market through design, look no further than CyberGuru. We offer our Design solution for web, print and multimedia.


Many businesses and customers use the internet today to retrieve information, buy and sell products and to offer value-added services on a local, national or an international level. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to build your customer base!

CyberGuru is well experienced in designing internet and intranet websites that get attention and fulfil the needs of the client and the visitor. We develop websites to exceed the clients’ expectations. We can assist in both production of websites and updating of existing ones. We can also publish your websites through search engines and directories to ensure it gets the publicity it rightly deserves. We also provide domain namesemail hosting and website hosting, as well as a Website maintenance service.


Your first impression counts. What your clients and prospective clients first see, whether it is your letterhead or other business document will determine how they feel about your organisation from then on. Your corporate image is likely to be of your clients first impression of your business. By having a consistent, welcoming look and feel, you can ensure that your clients and prospective will be more likely to use you over the “others”. CyberGuru specialises in developing corporate image material including templates for use as letterheads, invoices, quotes and other documents. We also can design posters, banners, cards and other artwork.


Want an attention-grabbing way to gather your information together? If you are looking for corporate presentations or interactive CDs, look no further than CyberGuru. We are able to assist in the design and construction of corporate training materials, product and service demonstrations and more.

Next time you are looking for a website, corporate image revamp or a new multimedia presentation, please contact us and we will design what you need at a price you can afford.

The CyberGuru Portfolio displays some of the website designs we have produced for our clients.