Tips to protect your data on mobile device from being lost or stolen

Tips to protect your data on mobile device from being lost or stolen

Recently a family member lost their mobile phone. Unfortunately, some of the important settings on the phone were not configured, and as a result the phone could not be found. As a lesson from this exercise, we have developed these tips on how to protect the data on your mobile device from being lost or stolen.

If you do lose your device, you should report it to the police and mobile service provider. However, it is possible to find your device using “Find my iPhone” (as part of the iCloud – Find My iPhone, iPad, and Mac),“Find my Device” for Android or “Find my Device” in Windows provided you have this software setup as well as your mobile data and location services enabled.

There are several strategies for protecting your data:

  1. Record the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the device upon purchase. This is a unique number for each individual device and can be found inside under the battery. It can be displayed on screen by entering *#06#. If your device is lost stolen, this can be reported to your phone provider and police.
  2. Set a strong PIN or password on the device and configure encryption of data if this is available. Set this to automatically lock your phone after a set period, such as 30 seconds. This will enable your phone to be only to be unlocked by yourself or someone else who knows the PIN. You may also want a separate PIN for your voice mail.
  3. Use a reputable security product app, such as Norton Mobile Security. Mobile phones can be hacked just like any other computing device, so they need to be protected. Installing security software will enable you to use their features including app reputation (to determine if any apps are malicious or sending your data overseas) on your device, as well as wi-fi security and Web protection.
  4. Register the device with Google or Apple, and/or third-party manufacturers (eg. Samsung). As mentioned above, registering with these services to enable you to find, lock or erase your phone, in addition to finding your device in case it is lost
  5. Perform a regular backup to a cloud service. This provides you the ability to use their services to synchronise your data on a regular basis, and eases recovery if this is required. A cloud service may be available by the manufacturer on when you configure the device.

Further security tips can be found on the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association website (link opens in new window). If you need a hand to help protect your data on your smart devices, we can provide assistance to you via our Support solution.

If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Spring clean your smart phone and tablet

Spring clean your smart phone and tablet

Spring clean your smart phone and tablet

When was the last time your smart phone and tablet device received a spring clean? If it is starting to get a little slow then perhaps these tips will help.

Backup your photos and files

When was your last time you backed up? One of the most popular uses of phones these days is to store your important memories, however it shouldn’t be the only place you have them. Backup your photos and files up using either a cloud-storage location, such as OneDrive, Dropbox or iCloud, or better yet save them onto your computer as well. The more locations which you have the photos and files saved means that you have a better chance of having them back in case they are accidently lost. It may be also worthwhile obtaining a memory card to save these onto if you are using your device’s memory. This can help you increase space on your device and improve the speed.

Remove unnecessary apps

Do you still have the original Crazy Birds on your smart phone or tablet? Do you have multiple apps that serve the same purpose? Are there apps you have installed but actually got around to using? It is likely you haven’t used it in some time. If you are looking to reclaim some valuable memory, then remove any apps that you haven’t used for over six months. They can be redownloaded from your chosen app store should you wish to revisit it down the track. That way you can download the newer apps onto your phone.

Improve your device’s security

How often do you check for updates? If you haven’t done so for a while, it would be worthwhile checking whether your smart phone or tablet needs updating. Like computers, operating system and apps to the latest version can improve their reliability and performance. You may even find that there are new features! You may also wish to change your password/PIN and consider installing an internet security software.

When was your last device checked up? CyberGuru can assist you in performing spring cleaning of your smart phone or tablet. If you haven’t already done so, it would be beneficial to also spring clean your computer and website as well. If we can be of assistance, please contact us.