A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia)

A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia) is a group of Christians who wish to contribute to public debate by promoting a generous and future-focused understanding of the Christian faith.

The website provides information to members and non-members alike. Along with news and articles of interest, non-members can purchase memberships or donate online, and features the latest feeds from social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Testimonial from Peter Catt, President of A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia):

Chris of CyberGuru developed the website for APCVA. Chris is great to work with. He guided us through the process, making it easy for us to work out what we needed to make an effective and user friendly site. The site is clean and appealing. Since the launch of the website we have enjoyed increased interest in our organisation. User feedback has been very positive.

Website address: http://www.progressivechristians.org.au (link opens in new window)