Image of screenshot of Fertile Concepts website

“At Fertile Concepts we use acupuncture, natural medicine, yoga and meditation to optimise your health to improve conception, support pregnancy and prepare you for birth or motherhood. Your progress is monitored closely so that treatments are tailored specifically to your case at any given time, whatever stage you are at.”

Fertile Concepts is a Brisbane-based clinic providing pregnancy acupuncture, natural medicine, yoga and meditation to support the health of men and women to optimize fertility.

CyberGuru designed and developed the website for Fertile Concepts, which features a significant amount of researched and prepared information by the owner which CyberGuru has presented and formatted. The website uses a content management system and links to an external online booking system for clients to make bookings. It also links with social media.

CyberGuru provided training to the website’s owner to maintain and continue to enhance the website.

Testimonial from Elisa Jensen, Fertile Concepts:

I am so pleased with the final product of my website, Chris did a fantastic job at translating my ideas and information into a digital format. A very professional approach was taken involving discussion and planning so the direction (from both perspectives) was clear. Communication was always prompt and as a newcomer to website design, the formatting advice was appreciated. Even though I can now manage my site, it is comforting to know that Chis is only a click away for any query. Chris understood and met my needs to represent my business in a way that makes me proud, thank you a million times!

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