Ask CyberGuru: Should I add the Norton add-ons/extensions to my web browser?

Ask CyberGuru: Should I add the Norton add-ons/extensions to my web browser?

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CyberGuru is asked, “We have recently upgraded to Norton Security Premium. When we installed it onto our computers, we received some messages about adding Norton extensions to our web browsers. Could you please advise whether or not we should add all the Norton extensions?”

In terms of the various Norton add-ons and extensions available as part of the Norton 360 and Norton Security software, previously I have generally advised against these as they slowed down computers and caused browsers to freeze or crash. However, more recently I have suggested these be added onto your browsers to help you protect you against phishing websites.

I would suggest adding the Norton Security Toolbar which provides an indication of websites that Norton believes are suspicious.

If you are often searching, you may also like to enable Norton Safe Search when you are searching using your favourite websites and as well as the Norton Safe Search as you can search with Norton as well.

If you would like to retain your passwords securely in Norton, you can use Identity Safe but I don’t usually enable this one as I am not a fan of password managers.

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CyberGuru introduces new Brisbane-based website hosting plans

CyberGuru introduces new Brisbane-based website hosting plans

Image of text reading "www."

Over the past few months, CyberGuru has been reviewing the website hosting plans we offer to continue to provide the highest quality you have come to expect.

We have been fortunate to have come across an award-winning website hosting company based in Brisbane who are keen to support us and our clients. We have trialled the service and have been very happy with them.

This company provides mission-critical military grade Australian cloud hosting and has an impressive client list including Telstra, IBM and Virgin Australia. The data centres are located in highly secure data centres are hosted in the Brisbane Airport and Woolloongabba, and are which are monitored 24x7x365. In addition, responsive and timely support available should any incidents occur.

We have seen the performance, availability and reliability of this on the websites trialled on their data centres. We are looking to transition across our clients to the new data centre and associated website hosting services over the next twelve months (before the renewal period), which will still remain managed and supported by CyberGuru with the assistance of this company.

As a result, our website hosting plans are being adjusted to accommodate these changes. Please review the new Website hosting packages document which contains the plans and pricing available.

The benefits of this change are significant including having more affordable plans, fewer periods of downtime and improved response time resulting in your website being highly available and faster to load. While some of the specifications have been reduced to provide an improved service offering, this will not affect your website based on its current capacity.

You should not experience only minimal downtime or loss of information as a result, and this change will be at no cost to you. We will keep you informed of the process, prior to and once you have been migrated, to ensure all continues to operate as you would expect it to.

If you have any questions, or feedback about this change, please contact us.

Looking for ways to minimise your tax this financial year?

Looking for ways to minimise your tax this financial year?

Federal government tax break

Happy EOFY! As another financial year comes to an end, many of our clients look to minimise their tax by purchasing goods and services prior to June 30.

You may recall that the Australian Government’s tax break announced in 2015 allows small businesses to claim an immediate deduction on items up to $20,000. This makes it an ideal time to upgrade computers, servers and other electronic devices including printers and multifunction devices.

If you are looking to upgrade your computers, CyberGuru can recommend and source new desktops, laptops and tablets from a range of brands including Microsoft, HP and ASUS. We can also install any programs, devices and settings you would like set up with the transfer of your information across to the new computer.

CyberGuru can also help you source software, such as Microsoft Office, Acronis Backup and Norton Security. Through our partnerships with our suppliers, we can often obtain better quality products than you will find in retail stores.

Have you considered moving to the cloud? We can migrate you to Microsoft Office 365, a modern cloud-based system to allow your business to operate effectively.

You may also find it is time to update your knowledge. If you are looking to enhance your productivity, we can provide you with education and training.

We can deliver upon small project-based implementations including websites. We can also assist in domain names, website hosting and email hosting, and much more.

Whether you need a consultation on what to buy, training on how to use it, computer support and maintenance or want to design a new website, CyberGuru can assist.

If you would more information or to make an appointment, please contact us today.

What every business needs to know about IT

What every business needs to know about IT

Chris Jeffery, Proprietor/Chief Guru, CyberGuru

CyberGuru is proudly sponsoring the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) Night Owls event on 3 July 2017 at the Kedron-Wavell Services Club.

Chris Jeffery, Chief Guru of CyberGuru will provide an overview of the areas every business needs to consider: backup solutions, the cloud, internet security and how the new data breach notification laws affect small to medium-sized businesses.

He will talk about what you can do to protect yourself and your information from an ICT perspective and outline some of the funding opportunities available to assist small businesses develop their digital capacity.

Attend this FREE networking event and be part of a dynamic and thriving business community and network. The event is from 5:30pm to 7:30pm with networking afterwards.

For more information and to book, please visit the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce website.