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CyberGuru is an award-winning computer solutions business providing professional and affordable computer solutions to small business, not-for-profit organisations and individuals. As a one-stop shop for all of your computer solutions, we cover your every need.

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Looking to buy new computer equipment? Look no further than CyberGuru! We can recommend the best computer equipment including hardware, software, products and services to suit your particular needs and budget.


Helping you improve the look of your business. We can assist with developing interactive and eye-catching websites, brochures as well as social media setup and much more. We also provide domain names, email hosting and website hosting so you only have to deal with one supplier. We also provide domain names, email hosting and website hosting, as well as a Website maintenance service so you only have to deal with one supplier.


When the computer goes belly up, don’t despair! Many people can solve computer problems, but only ours don’t involve a hammer! We offer the remedies for most computer problems you are having. Our extensive experience lies in Microsoft desktop and server operating systems, hardware and software as well as peripherals and networking.


Learn how to use your computer and its parts better! We offer training in all aspects of your computer environment including but not limited to Microsoft Windows, Office, Office 365, third-party applications, social media, digital marketing metrics and the internet for people of all experience levels and ages.


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