Ask CyberGuru: Is Google closing down?

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In this month’s Ask CyberGuru, we are asked, “I have received an email advising me that Google is closing down on 2 April, is this true?”.

We have had a number of clients and family members check in with us regarding the closure of Google. It is in fact Google+ which is closing down, not the Google search engine. Google+, sometimes written as Google Plus or G+. Google+ was developed by Google to be a social media platform, as their attempt to compete with Facebook. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been overly successful and some major security issues have recently been identified, resulting in Google’s decision to close down the platform.

Google have announced that Google+ is closing down on 2 April as noted on the email you may have received. It is our understanding all Google+ account holders and managers have been advised by email regarding what the steps to take. Affected services include Google+ Circles, Community and Stream, but not Google My Business or any other Google services.

If you do not use Google+, then it is safe to ignore this message and you don’t need to take any action. However, if you have posted content, such photos on Google+, then you should follow the links to download your content as the article suggests. You do have the option to download your data prior to the transition, which can be exported to either your computer or another service. If you are unsure of whether you need any material currently stored on Google+, then we recommend that you download and save anyway, in case you do find anything valuable stored in there.

If we can be of assistance or you have a question you would like to ask CyberGuru, please contact us.

It’s time to update your Google Chrome browser!

It’s time to update your Google Chrome browser!

It’s time to update your Google Chrome browser!On Friday 1 March, Google announced it had discovered a Zero-Day Vulnerability “CVE-2019-5786” in its Google Chrome browser. It’s time to update your Google Chrome browser!

Whilst only limited details have been published on the Chrome Releases blog, it is strongly suggested that you update Google Chrome if you are using this as your browser.

It is important to check you are running the latest version of Chrome, which at the time of writing is 72.0.3626.121.

To check for and install updates in Google Chrome on the PC or Mac:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side near the address bar.
  2. Point to Help and click About Google Chrome.
  3. This should then check and install updates, which may take a few minutes depending on your computer and internet speed.
  4. If it has performed an update, you may need to relaunch Google Chrome to finish updating. If it says “Google Chrome is up to date”, you are good to go.

If you are running Google Chrome on your mobile phone or tablet, you should do this as well. Go to the Google Play Store or iTunes Store to download and install the required update.

This is a good reminder to always keep your computer’s software and devices’ apps up-to-date with the latest security updates. If you are looking for assistance with this, CyberGuru provides a computer maintenance service where provide scheduled proactive review and upkeep of your ICT environment and keep it up-to-date on your behalf. We can do this both face-to-face and remotely depending on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

CyberGuru attends Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Sydney

CyberGuru attends Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Sydney

CyberGuru attends Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Sydney

In February, CyberGuru attended Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in Sydney. Microsoft Ignite | The Tour is where tech professionals are able to learn alongside the experts on topics such topics as Windows, Office and Azure. Throughout the event, we were fortunate to share experiences, engage and learn from such experts.

In addition to lecture “break-out” style sessions covering Some of the sessions we attended allowed us to participate through “hands-on labs”, allowing us to experience some of the changes and explore the new technologies coming through. Using a range of virtual environments to experiment with to learn how to further enhance Windows 10 and Office 365 for our clients.

We were able to also continue to grow our skills in Windows, Office and hear of the new developments and upcoming changes first hand as many of the presentations are from the experts who build and run Microsoft’s cloud services. Some of the speakers included the Windows as a Service Evangelist John Wilcox, self-described as the “IT admin” of more than 600 million consumer Windows devices, discussing the Windows update processes and changes, and a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft 365, Amisha Bhatia, discussing the new Microsoft 365 Portal.

We also were able take advantage of the opportunity to catch up with meet our suppliers and clients whilst were there and hear about their new offerings. We look forward to sharing our new knowledge and skills with you over the coming months ahead.

By attending ongoing professional development events, CyberGuru ensures it is up to date with industry best practice, which we implement in our own business and those of our clients.