This month, July 2012, marks a significant occasion in the history of CyberGuru. In 1997, at fourteen years of age, I commenced business with my own website (which was relatively new for most businesses at the time) providing computer services. Work was solely sourced from my reputation as word-of mouth spread through family and friends where I was delivering a range of computer solutions. Over the fifteen past years, we’ve continued what we doing what we do best – providing award-winning, professional and affordable computer solutions in consulting, design, support and training.

Fifteen years ago, computers were increasingly becoming available in nearby businesses, schools and homes but few had received any support or training for them after they were purchased. I quickly identified these areas as a niche market which extended my solutions to individuals, not-for-profit organisations and small businesses which became my earliest clients. I appreciate them providing me with their business as I continued to develop my knowledge and skills and gained valuable experience in the delivering the computer solutions that I provide all of my clients today.

Over the past decade and a half, CyberGuru received several accolades and significant achievements through various opportunities. In 1997, I participated and became a semi-finalised in The Courier-Mail Brisbane Internet Games Competition.  Then, two years later, in 1999, I was awarded first place in the Intel Australia On-line Awards Web-site Competition for my Nudgee College Interactive website. In 2003 I was a finalist in the Ecommerce category of the Quest Newspapers Business Achievers Awards and nominated for the Nescafe Big Break. In 2003 and 2004, I was nominated for the Australasian Student Entrepreneur Awards. There have been many other fond memories.

Looking back over the years, we’ve seen some significant changes and major advancements in technology. Looking back, the way computers have taken over our lives in many positive ways both to help us to connect with others and be entertained, as well as to be educated and informed. In 1977, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, had a vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home”. The prolific rise of technology during the “information age” has rapidly expanded computers in nearly every device, ranging from televisions and fridges.

In reflecting over this journey, I would like to record my thanks and appreciation to not only my clients and prospective clients over the last fifteen years, but also to my family and friends. You have enabled me to turn my passion (and sometimes obsession) into an ongoing business interest. To all of you, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support.

I hope that you celebrate with me for this achievement and look forward to see what is to come in the future to continue working with you as the story of CyberGuru continues.