Celebrating our 21st birthday!

In July, CyberGuru celebrates a significant milestone. We have been proudly providing our clients with computer solutions for 21 years. We appreciate the continued business and support of our clients, family and friends. We have some been with us throughout this time – believe it or not, of our earliest clients are still with us!

Since our earliest beginnings, we have seen the Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) sector develop and evolve over time. We are one year older than Google, and near seven years’ Facebook senior. When we began back in 1997, technology generally consisted of one shared computer per household at the time, and we look how now expanded to at least one computer per person – with many households having more computers than people!

Over this time, we have continued to expand our knowledge and skills with a range of platforms, devices and services, develop relationships with many trusted colleagues and business partners, and proudly support small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals with their ICT needs.

Who knows what the next 21 years will bring, however we know one thing – that it will continue to change. As celebrating with you over this year, we are gearing to further educating, empowering and enabling our clients to embrace and adopt these changes. We look forward look forward to continuing to support our clients into the future for a long-time yet!