Introducing Alberto Teruzzi

By now you may have heard that we have a new addition to our team. We are delighted to welcome Alberto Teruzzi to CyberGuru. Alberto has nearly 10 years’ experience in IT and has a passion for computing, problem solving, and helping others, making him an excellent fit for our team. You may hear from him next you contact us.


We decided to ask him a few questions so you could know a bit more about him.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a selfless and sunny person with a positive attitude who enjoys being helpful. 


You trained as an electrician but then moved into computing. What do you love about IT?

What I like most is the flexibility and limitless information that comes with it, which makes it always fresh. There is always something new to learn.


From a small business perspective, what do you see as the next big trend in computing?

I see that artificial intelligence (AI) will have a big impact. Businesses will not only have the ability to make evidence-based decisions, but AI will learn from these and make better decisions for the business more quickly.


You’ve just moved here from Milan. What do you love about Brisbane?

Brisbane is not too big and not small. It has everything that you need within 20 minutes’ drive. It’s quiet, but it can be vibrant.


What hobbies do you have?

I like technology and how the world turns around it. Hence, one of my hobbies is discovering, learning, experimenting, and playing with technology. 


Welcome again to the team, Alberto. It’s great to have you here.