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Google has recently announced that it is making major changes to the mobile search algorithms, providing websites that are “mobile-friendly” (such as phones, tablets and other handheld devices) a high position in its search results.

On 21 April 2015, Google will be expanding mobile-friendliness as a ranking schedule, which will mean that there will be more mobile friendly websites in search results. These endeavours are to ensure websites are accessible no matter what platform, browser and device a website visitor may be using.

You can check whether your website is mobile device friendly by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test (link opens in new window). It is important to note though that websites should also be consistent across platforms, browsers and devices.

We have seen some websites that have been designed with mobile-specific websites which are vastly different to those seen on desktop computers. Depending on how they operate, these can be difficult to maintain, can be confusing for the visitor and often penalised by search engines as having duplicate content. We believe that it is better to be using content management systems and associated themes which support responsive browsing (websites that adjust appearance according to the device, platform or browser).

All websites designed and developed by CyberGuru in the past three years using the WordPress content management system have been designed for a variety of devices, platforms or browser. However, if you have a website with another website designer then you may wish to confirm your website is suitable.

If it is time to update your website, CyberGuru is able to offer our Design solution to new and existing clients who may be interested in ensuring their website is mobile-friendly. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us.