Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 brings together a range of features across Microsoft’s product offerings in a solution designed for small and medium-sized organisations. Powered by Office 365 apps and services and Windows 10 Enterprise, it provides organisations with a modern desktop operating system, state-of-the-art productivity applications, as well as device management and security features to secure and protect organisational data in the cloud and locally.

CyberGuru is a proud Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with certifications in Windows 10, Office 365 and Microsoft 365, enabling organisations to take full advantage of Microsoft 365. We hold significant expertise experience in the deployment and adoption of Microsoft technologies across many small to medium-sized organisations Australia.

Microsoft 365 can only be purchased through certified Microsoft Partners and CSPs such as CyberGuru. We can assist in the setup and implementation, as well as training and support on a project basis. We can also provide additional cloud backup, security and other features as required.

For more details including Microsoft 365 features, plans and pricing, please contact us.