Microsoft 365

Need Microsoft Office but not sure which licence? Want to know that when you need support you can get it?

We can help you choose the right licences for your business and source these for you. This is particularly important for businesses as there are many cyber security features you may not know need.

We are highly experienced in Microsoft 365 and can often solve the issues that others can’t. As a Microsoft Partner, if you do need further support we can access the Premium Support Service, which is priority service to help get you sorted sooner.

We can also manage your Microsoft Security Score to help keep your accounts safe from a cyber attack.

The benefits of us sourcing and managing your Microsoft 365 licences are:

  • Getting the right licences with all the apps and features you need
  • A highly experienced team to get your problems solved faster
  • Access to the Priority Support Service

 So if you’re looking to buy licences or have issues with your existing ones, then get in touch and see how we can help.