Image of hand with a screwdriver servicing computer chassis

If your computer is starting to slow down to a crawl, or goes completely belly up, call on CyberGuru. Many people can solve computer problems, but only ours don’t involve a hammer!

CyberGuru offers the remedies for most computer problems you are having. Our extensive experience lies in Microsoft operating systems, hardware and software as well as peripherals and networking.

If you are having trouble with your computer, or need hardware or software installed or drivers updated, or perhaps you want your computer’s hard drive to be in a ‘clean state’ so you can install that game or application you just purchased, then call on us.

One of our specialities is maintenance on computer systems. That is to install, reinstall, update and patch software to installing and or upgrading operating systems.

We can even speed up the computer, reorganise files and folders, check hard-drives for errors and use optimisation techniques on hard drives and much more.

On top of this, we can help you do all this yourself so you don’t need to call us out every time you need to do it! But please, do contact us before you get that hammer out!