Last night’s Australian Computer Society (ACS) Young IT Networking event was attended by nearly 40 Young ICT Professionals of the ACS.

I presented on the topic, “Tips for success”, along with inspiring stories from the careers of the newly formed 2014 ACS Young IT Committee. I noted how success means different things to different people. However, I shared my personal six tips on how to be successful:

  • Set and review goals
  • Do what you love
  • Continue to keep learning
  • Conduct yourself with integrity
  • Extend yourself through networking
  • Strive for excellence
  • Develop a support team

I left them with the question, “How will you know success when you see it?”. See if you can identify success from these tips*. I have created the infographic to help illustrate this also:

Infographic - Tips for success

As Mark Twain, the famous American author said, “the secret of success is getting started”. I challenged them to start there and then.

I commended the 2014 ACS Young IT Committee: Sina, Jennifer, Charles and Sohail for taking on their positions and encouraged the participants by continuing to support them by attending their events and sharing what they can to make the year a successful one.









Did you see success?

* The letters making up the word “success” is spelt out in the bolded words within the points above.

Tips for success - ACS Young IT Committee 2014
Tips for success – ACS Young IT Committee 2014