Have you found your screen has done a 180 degree turn, or when you type your business name something else comes up instead, or that you can’t seem to type English characters on your keyboard? Perhaps you have been caught by an April Fools Day jokes. Surprisingly enough, some of these features do serve useful purposes, so why not make use of them?

On some computers, the rotation of the screen can be turned around automatically through the use of a series of keys on your keyboard. You don’t need to physically turn your screen around (as some computer helpdesks suggest), but try using pressing CTRL and ALT keys together and then either the UP or DOWN key. Depending on your computer’s configuration, these keys may be different. You might find this feature useful if you have multiple screens you are displaying vertically rather than horizontally.

Other users may have noticed their words have changed to not what they have intended, such as your business name or your own name to something else! To change this, use the AutoText feature of Microsoft Word, which also applies to other Microsoft Office applications including Outlook. To change AutoText, review Microsoft Word Help for version 2010 and 2013 (link opens in new window). AutoText can be a timesaver if typing long words or automatically correcting misspellings, which allow certain words which are replaced by others (such as Dept to Department).

Another similar issue is if you try to enter English characters on your keyboard and it comes out in another set! This might be the language has changed from English when you enter information in on your keyboard. This can be changed in Windows through the Control Panel but is also reflected in other programs including Microsoft Office. To add or change your language for Windows 8 (link opens in new window) and Windows 7 (link opens in new window).

If you would like more information on how to make use of these and other features within Windows and Office, please contact us to enlist the help of our Training computer solution. We’ll be happy to help you learn and uncover more about these and other features.