Introducing Windows 365 Cloud PC

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Microsoft has announced the introduction of its new operating system, Windows 365. This is a significant development with the potential to change the way how we access our computers.

Windows 365 is effectively a computer in the cloud which Microsoft is introducing as your Cloud PC. A Cloud PC will let you securely stream your personalised Windows experience, including your desktop, apps and settings and content. Using either an internet browser or app, you can access your Cloud PC from at any time on nearly any device. You can also alternate between various devices and your operating system, applications and settings will be as you left off.

Several of the advantages we see for organisations is are the higher technical specifications available than on many computers and internet connection of Cloud PC will no longer be a bottleneck when it comes to using online services, uploading or downloading files. Also, using the Microsoft Remote Desktop apps available iOS, Android and Mac, and Linux, will provide a solution to customers other operating systems wanting to connect to a Windows desktop.

For the past decade, Microsoft users have had two options for buying Microsoft Office: the traditional way of buying this as a perpetual such as Microsoft Office, 2016 and Microsoft Office 2019 or the subscription model of the most recent software version by buying Microsoft 365. Microsoft has now decided to apply this approach to the Windows operating system.

Most Windows users are currently on Windows 10, although the recent announcement that Windows 11 will be released later this year already had users beginning to consider an upgrade in operating systems. Windows 365 will take the operating system into the cloud, in much the same way as Microsoft 365 has for Microsoft Office. This will allow for greater flexibility and easier remote working as a user’s apps, content and settings will be available from any device with an internet connection.

Unfortunately, whilst the product has launched earlier this month, following significant demand, Microsoft have reached capacity for Windows 365 trials for the short term. However, we encourage you to please get in touch if you are curious to see how Windows 365 could work for your business and we can provide a demonstration to you.