Purchased something online and want to keep a copy of the confirmation receipt? Perhaps you would like to keep a copy of the document preserved with its original style and formatting? Would you rather save a document electronically rather than printing an email to save the environment?

We are still probably some years yet off a fully paperless office, but there are provide numerous ways to save documents in various standard formats without the need to actually print it out. One of these formats is known as a Portable Document Format, or more widely known as a PDF. It was once a proprietary format by Adobe but now an open standard available in many commercial programs.

PDFs will display the similarly on any type of device, keeping all of the text, fonts and graphics intact. This has the advantage to send to someone an important document, be it a report, resume or other document knowing it will be displayed on their end as you intended it to look. It is important to know PDFs are “locked down” for editing once created also unless you have a PDF editor. The only requirement is to have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader (which most users will have installed).

To save a PDF file in Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013, simply to the File menu, point to Export and then click Create PDF/XPS. This will provide you with the option to save your document in PDF or XPS format. We also suggest saving a copy in its original format (such as the Word document format .DOCX or .DOC) in case you need to make any changes. For users still running Office 2007, you can download the Save as PDF and XPS Add-on from Microsoft’s website (link opens in new window).

Some years ago, Microsoft established an alternative known as XML Paper Specification (XPS), which is available in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. A virtual printer is created on your computer called “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. To use this, simply to go the Print option of your document and choose this. You will then be prompted to save in .XPS or the newer .OXPS (Open XPS format) format. It isn’t as widely used as PDFs but XPS Viewer is installed by default in modern versions of Windows and viewers for other operating systems are available.

PDF or XPS – whichever format you choose, you can keep that confirmation receipt, document formatted correctly or save the environment one printout at a time. For more tips and tricks, why not contact us today to request some Training from us to help get the most out of your computer?