Skype for Business

One of the most popular apps today is Skype. Skype is commonly used to communicate with family and friends when overseas, which provides voice and video calling at no charge. Skype for Business extends on the capabilities of Skype to provide a robust platform to provide online conferencing and collaboration features to businesses and organisations of all types and sizes.

Previously known as Lync, Skype for Business is part of Microsoft Office 365. It provides users with the ability to communicate with colleagues, customers and other companies across communities, countries and continents. Skype for Business provides presence, instant messaging, voice and video calls and integrates into the rest of the Microsoft Office products.

Here at CyberGuru, we use to host online meetings with clients to deliver demonstrations and presentations, provide remote training to clients as well as to communicate with others. It has evolved from previous versions over the years, including Communicator and Lync before it, replacing these with much improved and adopted from the friendly features of Skype.

As part of your Office 365 subscription, Skype for Business is now rolling out as part of the April monthly update. If you haven’t already done so, you can apply this update to your computer. Once this update has been performed, you’ll enjoy familiar features of both Lync and Skype.

To help you bring your organisation up to date and use Skype for Business to its full potential, CyberGuru provides training to help your business transition and adopt to the new user interface. We can provide customised sessions in individual or groups to help you make the most of within Skype for Business as well as the rest of the Office 365 subscription.

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