Since 1997, Christopher Jeffery has become a respected name in the market with a strong reputation among his peers and colleagues.  His business, CyberGuru has been in the forefront of the computer solutions industry providing consulting, design, support and training.

During the formal commencement of operations in 2000, Christopher provided award-winning computer solutions in desktop publishing and graphic design, software development as well as computer support and training “to all ages and experience levels” under his own name.

In 2003, we repositioned our business to become CyberGuru, an ‘award-winning, professional and affordable computer solutions’ provider to small businesses, not for profit organisations and individuals. Throughout this time, we have been progressively developing our knowledge, skills and technology, as well as our people and processes to provide best practice computer solutions.

Seven years on, 2010 marks the appearance of our rebranded corporate image, new look website and logo. We are rebranding alongside the launch of our new website (link opens in new window). We are moving towards a more online presence, providing a range of new features, including an upgraded myCyberGuru (link opens in new window) personalised portal and frequently updated blog (link opens in new window), replacing the existing CyberGuru Newsletter.

A key element of our new look is the logo, replacing the computer which we used to represent our business and associated computer solutions. The reason for this is we are more than simply a computer service provider, we provide solutions to a range of computer and technology needs with a one-stop-shop to enable and empower our clients to do that all is possible.

The rectangles identify the four solutions we offer, providing the existing logo text and tagline of these as well. The rectangle together represents the strength of our solutions combined, as well as our primary colours of blue and orange remain prominent in the new design.

We have developed the new logo and website with feedback from a range of clients, prospective clients, family and friends who have been supporters of CyberGuru since its inception, and we continue to appreciate their support. We look forward to continuing our momentum into the future with a range of new and upcoming developments as we continue to evolve.

If you have any feedback, please let us know (link opens in new window).