blog-connectingupmatchitCyberGuru is pleased to announce our listing on MatchIT powered by Connecting Up Australia to extend our strong reputation within the not-for-profit sector as a reliable technology resource for their computing needs.



Connecting Up Australia is a not-for-profit organisation providing other not-for-profits with a range of information, products, resources and programs. Not-for-profit organisations can also receive donations and discounts.

A significant proportion of CyberGuru’s clients are not-for-profit organisations and we recommend they consider becoming a member of Connecting Up Australia.

As a member, which costs $150/year, eligible not-for-profit organisations are entitled to purchase low cost full version editions of including Windows, Office as well as a range of other software including internet security packages. There are also other hardware and software providers including Cisco and Adobe. Not-for-profit organisations will find this of benefit when it is time to upgrade their hardware and software in the future.

If CyberGuru can be of any assistance through our Consulting solution in the selection of the required hardware or software for your next upgrade, please contact us.