One week to go until Windows 10 is no longer free

So you’ve held off from upgrading to Windows 10 until now, thinking that you’ll do it once Microsoft has ironed out the bugs. Well if you’re going to take the leap, now is the time!

Many people have held off upgrading to Windows 10 either due to concerns about stability or because it is incompatible with their operating system. After 29 July 2016, Windows 10 will no longer be free to upgrade to. So if you’re still considering whether to upgrade, you have one week left to do so.

Whilst it hasn’t been officially advised, we understand that the price to upgrade following 30 July will be approximately $119 USD for Windows 10 and approximately $199 US for Windows 10 Pro. Australian pricing has yet to be announced.

As a Microsoft Certified Professional with Windows 10 certifications, we provide well-informed advice to a range of organisations, including small businesses, not-for-profit organisations as well as individuals, to help them identify whether their computers will support the latest operating system. We can also provide support and training following the upgrade.

If you would like to discuss whether you should upgrade to Windows 10 or would like help in doing so, please contact us today.