As we reach closer to the end of financial year, many stores offer enticing stocktake and “end of financial year sales” to encourage you to purchase their equipment before June 30 that you have been longing for since Christmas. However, another way to save on your purchases is to consider when manufacturers provide special offers or other incentives such as rebates, cash back or gift cards. These are not often publicised by the retail stores nor the manufacturers themselves until you seek them out.

Whilst the sales process of selling of various equipment happens throughout the year, now is a particular time to be savvy upon your purchases to save money. Some manufacturers currently providing ”cash back” and gift card rebates for the purchase of their items during a particular period. We have previously covered Norton 360 rebates that are offered on a seasonal basis, however, there are also there organisations which do this.

Many organisations are currently offering rebates in the form of gift cards and other promotional offers. For instance, Microsoft (link opens in new window) is offering a 30% cash back on the recommended retail price for the purchase of Microsoft PC accessories purchased between 6 July 2014. Further, HP (link opens in new window) is offering $20 and $30 Visa gift cards for purchasing multiple ink cartridges until 31 July. Some offers are not widely advertised and until you visit the manufacturer’s website you may not realise what is on offer until you look. For instance, HP (link opens in new window) and Samsung (link opens in new window) advertise its offers clearly on their Promotions page, however you might need to look further for other organisations or do a search on the internet to see what is on offer.

If you are happy to wait until a particular item is on special, then it is recommended you keep an eye out on the website for the manufacturer of the product you are after. By purchasing during a manufacturer’s promotional offer you can save more than just waiting for an end of financial year sale. Just don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and be sure claim them before the end of the period!

If CyberGuru can help you any way in the purchase of any equipment before the end of financial year, please feel free to contact us to enlist our Consulting solution.