Three tips for spring cleaning your computer, phone or tablet
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Now that spring has sprung, it is time to give your computer, phone and tablet a good clean up. When was the last time you looked at those older apps, emails or files?  A well-organised computer system will help you be more productive as the computer operations will become more efficient.

Here’s three tips for spring cleaning your computer, phone or tablet:

1.       Review and tidy your files

We often see clients who keep their files all scattered across their Desktop as well throughout their drives. Whilst the Desktop may be used as a temporarily storage location, likened your actual desk, it is best to file documents away when you are finished using them. We would suggest using the structure in both Windows and MacOS to have your folders in Documents, Pictures, Videos and so on. You may also wish to look through your Downloads folder to remove unnecessary downloads.

2.       Review and tidy your email

Whilst it can be difficult to achieve “inbox zero” sorting and organising your email into folders is also useful. Whilst some use a method of processing emails is to “Do” “Defer”, “Delete” and “Delegate”, if you do to store your emails, you should create folders for your clients, projects or another topic of your choosing. Whilst filing, delete anything you no longer require and unsubscribe from mailing lists you no longer receive. The inbox is often the first folder shown but if left unsorted, can be quite a difficult to find anything.

3.       Uninstall applications you no longer require

Often over the course of your computer, you may have installed an application you thought you would use but in fact no longer require, or installed a new version of an application but the older versions are still uninstalled in the background. If you no longer require them, you can uninstall these applications to reclaim space on your computer. We would also recommend that you look at checking your phone and tablet and removing unnecessary apps from these also.

Whilst we provide information is provides a general guide, having a computer service specialist such as CyberGuru to review your computer and perform a check of your computer can help to find areas of improvement and increase your efficiency. If we can assist in any way, please let us know.