Adobe Reader is a free application that allows you to open and print PDF (Portable Document Format) files in the way they were designed by the author without the need for the particular program it was designed with. Another advantage is that saved PDF files retain their original style, including formatting no matter whatever type of computer you are opening it on.

However, Adobe Reader is more just a reader and can do much more than open and print files as its sole purpose once was. Did you know that you can also add sticky notes, record sound clips to help to comment with annotations and virtually sign a document?

Some of the features available in the latest version of Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader XI, include:

  • Sticky notes: You can add sticky notes to make comments on any PDF document. These are noted with your name and are date and time stamped.
  • Read out loud: Adobe Reader can read the text contained within a PDF document. If you have a lengthy document to review, this can be way to have a female voice read the document out to you.
  • Comment using annotations: You can use a range of annotations to help comment on your documents. From text highlighting to included and customisable stamps, you can also attach additional documents, recording a sound clips.
  • Comment using drawing markups: Some of comment on your document by using shapes, arrows and drawings.
  • Sign: You can virtually sign a document to signify your approval by adding text, checkmark, initials or even scan in your signature (or take a photo of yourself with your webcam!

Windows 8 comes with Reader, an app for opening and printing PDF and XPS files. If you wish to use these features described above, that you download Adobe Reader from Adobe’s website (link opens in new window), however we strongly recommend unchecking the boxes to install Google Chrome and Google Toolbar.

If you would like a hand to use some of these features, please contact us today to enlist our Training solution where we can show you how to use all of these functions and more!