A common question we receive when speaking to our clients and prospective clients about domain names for their organisation is whether to purchase a .com.au or .net.au domain name.

The domain names are identical in price, and often times there may be confusion over which one is better. Generally speaking, there are few differences between both domain names and can work to your advantage.

In the past, .net.au domain names used to be recommended information technology businesses such as internet service providers. However, over time this has been effectively used by businesses in other industries and sectors. In fact, many businesses purchase both the .com.au and .net.au for protection and assurance to protect their branding and to secure their rights. For instance, we own both staging.cyberguru.com.au and cyberguru.net.au.

Whilst traditionally.com.au domain names are the most popular, there are significantly more .net.au domain names available. Many businesses may also purchase names similar to their business

Perhaps you are a business named John Smith Associates providing law services to Brisbane-north based organisations. In addition to suitable domain name with your business name, such as johnsmithassociates.com.au, you may consider purchasing a generic term such as brisbanenorthlegal.net.au and forwarding it back to the primary domain name. This can help bring in visitors who may not know the name of your business but looking for law services in the local area.

AusRegistry, Australian’s domain name registrar provides further information on what is a .com.au and .net.au (link opens in new window). CyberGuru can assist you with advice to help purchase the right domain names for your organisations, finding out availability and providing assistance in setting up and configuring the domain names through CyberGuru’s Domain names product. If you have any questions, please contact us.