Ask CyberGuru

In the latest instalment of Ask CyberGuru we are asked, “I am a newly started business and see purchasing a computer equipment as an expense, how can I save money?”

When you look at spending money any asset on computer hardware and software, you expect that you will receive greater benefit for the purchase than what you paid for it. A well “specced” computer makes you and your organisation more productive which will aid in improving your business’ bottom line.

When considering the purchase of any new computer equipment, whether it be computer hardware and software, CyberGuru assesses what the client is after based upon their own specific needs and requirements. As part of the consultation, we also look to ensure the equipment is a future proof, in that that has longevity and has support for a number of years. We also acknowledge clients are on a budget, and we have to do the best to marry up both features and price.

During our assessments, we ask for clients to identify of what they are looking to achieve and purpose for the purchase. Whilst the initial purchase of computers can be seen as expensive, like any investment, it can take time to realise the benefit and identify its true value.

One of the biggest considerations to save money is purchasing good quality equipment you can afford from the beginning. You can upgrade certain components as time goes on to extend their useful life, such as adding additional memory or solid state disk drives. However, some components can become out of date quickly resulting in difficulties in sourcing a compatible component down the part down the track.

Another part of saving money is to ensure it is regularly maintained. Like a motor vehicle, a computer should be regularly checked over by a mechanic (or for your computer in this case is CyberGuru) to ensure it is operating at is best potential. The money saved by reviewing your computer to identify potential issues, can help you save money down the track.

CyberGuru has been developing a range of partnerships with organisations to help to source equipment for our clients and to saving you on your equipment. We will soon to offer a range of new services to help meet these needs. If we can assist in any way, please feel free to contact us.