Special Christmas Offer 2017

Special Christmas Offer 2017

Special Christmas Offer 2017

Have you been looking for a Christmas present for a client, colleague, family or friend? Are you in need of advice on what new computer system, hardware or software to purchase or are you looking to your improve computer knowledge and skills?

CyberGuru can help your small business, not-for-profit organisation or individually to take advantage of your computer to its fullest potential.

To celebrate our 20th year of operations this year, we are offering a $20 discount of pre-paid voucher to spend on any of CyberGuru’s computer solutions (consulting, design, support and training).

If you contact us before 20 December, we can arrange this for you before Christmas!

Terms and conditions:

  • Please mention this Blog when ordering pre-paid vouchers.
  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer and not redeemable for cash.
  • This is to be used any of CyberGuru’s computer solutions (consulting, design, support and training) by 30 June 2018.
  • You can purchase more than one voucher – why not for your yourself or a client, colleague, family or friend?
  • You can share this offer with others who may also be interested.

Which CPU is best for you?

Which CPU is best for you?

Which CPU is best for you?

There are a number of CPUs available in the market today. What processor do you need?

In today’s marketplace there are many types of computers to purchase. When considering a new computer purchase, clients often ask what type central processing unit (CPU) they need.

We recommend for performance on desktops and laptops their Intel Core series of CPUs. They come in m3, i3, i5, and i7 and more recently i9 models. We view the lower end of these (m3 for mobile devices and i3 for desktops and laptops) as low-range processors being for single activity work, the i5 for mid-range, general office-based work, and the i7 and i9 for higher end graphic or CAD intensive work.

There are also the other processor types, Celeron and Pentium however these are often designed for low-end machines often for web browsing only. Similarly, there are ATOM processors (x3, x5 and x7 which Intel suggests for mobility devices, such as tablets and two-in-one devices.

I consider it though an investment in the medium to long-term to generally purchase i5 or i7 computers, as these can often provide a number of years of useful life without the need for upgrades down the track.

Whilst you can choose a low-end processor, they don’t often don’t stand the test of time and require upgrading down the track. We recommend mid- to high-range processors as a worthwhile and cost-effective investment in your computing efficiency.

CyberGuru can assist with the selection of computer hardware and components that will best fit your needs. Contact us today for more information.


Considerations when starting a new business: Protecting your business name

Considerations when starting a new business: Protecting your business name

Considerations when starting a new business

I often speak to people who are thinking of starting their own business. When I speak to them, they are usually in the early stages of identifying their goals, purpose and objectives. They are still working out what they want to do, and how to progress forward.

From the starting point, it is worthwhile considering ensuring your protect your business name. First task is your register your business name, which is performed through ASIC. Secondly, is the trademark, which is applied through IP Australia. Both websites offer the ability to search and register/apply online.

Once you have done this, it is worthwhile then securing your domain name and website hosting. This can be done through ourselves, CyberGuru. You can then look at establishing a presence online or at least a single page providing your contact details and a brief description of your business.

If you are Queensland-based Business, I would suggest looking at the Small Business Digital Grants and Small Business Entrepreneur Grants to help finance your project.

Also, both Queensland and Australian Governments have “one stop shop” portals for small businesses to find more information about starting and running a business. The Business.gov.au Business Queensland websites are valuable places to bookmark in your internet browser.

CyberGuru’s Chief Guru, Chris Jeffery, is an Advisor with the Australian Small Business Advisory Service, and an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion. If there’s any way he or CyberGuru can assist your business, please contact us.

What to look for in a new portable device

What to look for in a new portable device

What to look for in a new portable device

We have recently assisted several clients with the purchase of new portable devices. What are portable devices? It is a broad category consisting of laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, two-in-one devices and tablets. Whilst these devices vary in specifications, there are some also some other important aspects to look for in portable devices that you should consider before purchasing.

Here’s a few suggestions of what to look for:

  • Screen size: The screen sizes of portable devices can vary from 7 inches on small tablets through to 15.9 inches or even larger on some gaming laptops! We suggest looking at something at least 10 inches. They are easier to read on. You’ll thank us later!
  • Weight: One of the difficulties with laptops is the weight, which may them difficult to carry for long periods. “Weighing” up your need for a large screen versus having a lighter device is important aspect to consider.
  • Battery life: Depending on your purpose for the computer, you may need to consider battery life. If for your work you are travelling around without power, then you’ll need one that can last a long time without charging – again, screen size has a part to play in this.
  • Touch capability: If you are looking for a tablet, then most certainly it will be touch-based. However, many portable devices are still not designed for touch (except for Microsoft Surface, HP Spectre and selected other devices).
  • Connections: If you are going to use the computer for presentations, you may want to consider how many display connections you will need and what type are available (such as VGA or HDMI)? Also, some ultrabooks don’t have network ports – requiring you to use WiFi. Speaking of which, check whether the dual band WiFi is possible – supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.
  • Operating systems and software: We recommend Windows 10 Professional for business computers. You should also look at Microsoft Office as a must have application and an Internet Security product, such as Norton Security Premium to protect you from viruses and malware.
  • Extended warranty: You may wish to consider an extended warranty to ensure your computer is supported by your manufacturer should a fault arise. Whilst the Australian Consumer Law protects against faulty workmanship and allows for “reasonable life” it may time for the supplier to source the required parts and perform the necessary repairs or you may be given a refurbished model instead.

We strongly suggest before purchasing a device that you shop around at various retail stores to become comfortable with it. Unlike a desktop computer which will sit on a desk or floor, a portable device is more “personal” and often stays with you. Even if you don’t buy it at the store, so take the time to look around and see what is available before you buy.

Through CyberGuru’s Consulting solution, we can help you ensure you are getting the best product that suits your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Existing telephone and internet disconnection dates for Brisbane northern suburbs following nbn rollout

Existing telephone and internet disconnection dates for Brisbane northern suburbs following nbn rollout

National Broadband Network

Starting in less than a months’ time, existing telephone and internet services will be disconnected in parts of Brisbane Northern suburbs where the National Broadband Network (nbn) is being installed.

For ease of reference, we have included the dates of the proposed disconnections as noted by Finder.com.au for clients in our local area:

As noted in previous CyberGuru Blog articles, it is important to switch your landline phone and internet services to the nbn before existing networks are switched off.

CyberGuru has developed a guide, “Making the switch to the nbn” which provides prompting questions when getting ready for the new service in your home or office.

If you are wondering when you will receive the nbn in your area, the three-year construction plan was updated late December with this information. From the nbn website, you can check when it will be available in your area.

If CyberGuru can assist in anyway in making the switch to the nbn, please contact us.