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So you have a website, but how can you get it seen by your visitors? Following developing a new website, you may think it is “build it and they will come” but once the website has been launched, it doesn’t stop there!

Here’s five tips on how you can attract more visitors to your website:

  1. Add your business to local search providers. Providers such as Google My Business and Bing Places for Business allow local business owners to add a listing for their website on their respective search engines. Similar to Yellow Pages, these local searches allow anyone to search for a desired organisation near them (such as a plumber in Chermside). There also many other local search providers, such as True Local and Yelp. Should someone search for a business or one similar to yours on search or Maps, you can have a listing appear that outlines your business (including a brief description and photo) including phone number, address, as well as opening hours, website and address (if chosen).
  2. Add your business onto search engines (Google and Bing). In addition to using the websites above, you may also wish to manually add your website to search engines. For Google, you can submit this through the Google Search Console (a Google account is required) and for Bing, through the Bing Toolbox. You can also consider paid search engine optimisation but at this stage.
  3. Include your website address on your promotional material. We strongly suggest when launching a new website to promote it anywhere you can, such as newsletters, email broadcast and social media. However, you should also think about ensuring your business cards, fliers, email signature and signage also all contain your website address.
  4. Start blogging and updating your website on a regular basis. Having a new website doesn’t stop at launch, you need to continue to maintain your website by adding new blog articles, updating your content and reviewing existing content on a regular basis. Similar to retail stores, by regularly changing your website, visitors are likely to come back more often to see what is new.
  5. Link your blogs on social media. Depending on your chosen platforms, you may wish to provide a link to your blog articles on your social media channels. LinkedIn allows you to include your blog articles on their publishing platform. Other social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms generally include an image as well as excerpt from your article and a link. We suggest also including tagging where possible!

If you are starting out or already established your website, CyberGuru can help you with your website requirements. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.