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WordPress 5.5 is here! New features that are coming your way

WordPress 5.5 is here!

Following several months of development, the latest version of is here. Known as WordPress 5.5 or by its code name, “Eckstine” (the surname of late American jazz and pop singer, Billy Eckstine). Here we provide details of the key features available with this latest update. To those unfamiliar with WordPress, it is a free and […]

What’s the difference between paying for domain name registration, website hosting and a website?

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When clients discuss having a website, they are often surprised to hear there are different costs to consider. Having to register a domain name in addition to website hosting can be a little confusing, so let’s consider what these terms are in the context of having a house. When clients visit you in person, they […]

Running a WordPress website? It’s time update your PHP!

Running a WordPress website? It’s time upgrade your PHP!

If you have a website, it will likely be running WordPress. Behind this, PHP is a coding language used by WordPress and other applications used on the Web. What does the upgrade mean to those of us who are not programmers? One of the biggest reasons to make the upgrade is that improves the speed […]

Ask CyberGuru – Should I purchase a claimed domain name?

Ask CyberGuru

In this month’s Ask CyberGuru, we are asked, “I’ve been advised that my domain name has been claimed and offered to purchase a domain name from someone who had advised that they have a statutory obligation to offer me the first right of registration. Should I purchase this domain name?”. Upon review of various examples […]

Ask CyberGuru: Can I buy a similar domain name that is owned by another organisation?

In this month’s Ask CyberGuru, we are asked the question, “Can I buy a domain name that is similar to a domain name owned by another organisation?”. In terms of your question, a domain name needs to be resemble your Australian business name or trademark. The auDA or Afilias (the name of […]

WordPress 5.0 has been released

WordPress 5.0 'Bebo'

The latest version of WordPress, WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’ (known as “Gutenberg” during its development) has been released. For those unfamiliar, WordPress is a website content management system used by a majority of CyberGuru clients to build their websites. WordPress now powers 32% of the websites on the internet today, and in order to keep up […]

Ask CyberGuru: Should my domain name include my business’ service?

Ask CyberGuru

CyberGuru has recently received some enquiries regarding what domain name a business should use. For example, should a bookkeeping company called Acme use domain name or In terms how important the word is (in this case bookkeeping), if your business is predominately a bookkeeping company, then having is useful to search engines […]

Are you ready for the upcoming SSL/HTTPS changes?

Are you ready for the upcoming SSL/HTTPS changes?

It’s been confirmed, Google has announced that in July 2018 they will begin to identify all websites that do not have SSL certificates as “not secure”. Have you checked whether your website is displaying as secure? You can check whether your website by seeing if your website if your website address bar contains HTTPS. As […]

How can I protect my website from being hacked?

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Having a website is like having a virtual shop front to your business and provides the ability for your visitors to come and browse you and identify possible products and services they may like to buy. However, like a physical shop front, you should ensure you have security measures in place to protect the information […]

Getting visitors to your new website

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So you have a website, but how can you get it seen by your visitors? Following developing a new website, you may think it is “build it and they will come” but once the website has been launched, it doesn’t stop there! Here’s five tips on how you can attract more visitors to your website: […]