We recently a new client request that we help set up her new computer and configure the necessary programs. In doing so, we identified that her internet connection was running very much slower than would expected. Our endeavours to download the necessary programs and update install them was severely limited by the fact that a small download expected to take hours rather than minutes. Further investigations identified that the internet performance was similar to that of a 56,000kb modem!

In identifying the cause of the slow internet speeds, I spoke with the client’s internet service provider on their behalf. The internet service provider informed us that they were on a “grandfather plan” (former plan offered by the provider) that provided a limited bandwidth (speed) allocated. This meant that the client could receive only limited speeds they were signed up when it was established, not what would be currently available.

The solution provided by the internet service provider was as this plan had since been superseded by more recent plans, they could increase their bandwidth by signing on to a new contract. By upgrading to a new plan which would entitle them to higher speeds and enabled the client to undertake more things at once! As they were no longer on a contract, they would be able to sign up for a new plan for the commitment to avail themselves of this.

However, my advice to the client was to also consider plans from other internet service providers. We took the opportunity to review some of the plans available to them to evaluate based upon their specific needs and requirements including their budget and product availability. The client is currently evaluating their options before making a decision.

If you on looking for an internet plan, the total price that you pay will be more than monthly fee multiplied by the number of months on a contract. You may also consider need to the additional charges such as the setup costs, as well as a new modem which may not be included. You may be able to negotiate with the internet service provider to waive these.

Another point of consideration is if that you are changing your internet service provider, you may need to have a period of “downtime” whilst the service is transferred. Some internet technologies and internet service providers can support rapid transfer whereas others may take days to do.

New internet access plans are being created regularly by internet service providers, so it does pay to look around before signing up or renewing your existing plan. You may find you get a cheaper price, faster bandwidth or more downloads. To consider what plans may be right for you, please feel free to contact us to enlist our Consulting solution.