MS-DOS Mobile

On 1 April 2015, Microsoft launched a new operating system for Lumina phones, known as MS-DOS Mobile. Whilst it was seen as an April Fools’ Joke by some, it actually is a workable operating system, complete with commands familiar to MS-DOS users and a mini-version of Windows 3.1.

The functionality is dependent commands, however there are some options worth experimenting with. Should you try to access the A: floppy disk drive, format the hard drive or try to play the built-in “Rock Paper Scissors” game, you will have some interesting results. The Windows 3.1 has an internet icon that connects you to the Internet Explorer browser complete with the old modem sounds. For a bit of nostalgia, it is a good fun but also a humorous way to tell your colleagues you’ve upgraded your phone!

You can download MS-DOS Mobile via the Windows Store (link opens in new window) and further information can be found on the Lumia Conversations blog (link opens in new window).