Protecting and securing your information when working from home

CyberGuru has spoken on many occasions on the need to ensure you protect and secure your information, both when working in an office and at home. However, especially during this time, it is especially important in ensuring that you remain vigilant and continue to follow cyber security practices in your ICT systems and your physical security.

We recommend that you ensure your operating system and applications are up-to-date, have installed a commercial internet security software with firewall configured, use only trusted internet connections, and to implement a secure remote access programs if required.

In addition to your computers, we also recommend that you should also check your other devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones as well. We recommend ensuring updates are installed and configuring appropriate protection on these devices as they are not as immune to security breaches as once thought.

However, the strongest aspect of securing your computer systems is the user. Having your staff well informed and educated in cyber security practices is becoming an essential part of an induction process as well as ongoing training and upskilling. This can come through the awareness of the basics of what is a phishing or malicious email, and steps to ensure these are reported in the most efficient way.

In addition to ICT systems security, don’t also forget about physical security and making sure you keep your critical paper-based information, portable hard drives and memory keys stored safely when not in use, perhaps in a safe or lockable storage units.

We have a checklist available to help you ensure you can ensure you secure your environment effectively to ensue you remain secure and protected.

We are happy to provide a free 15 minute consultation to small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals to discuss how they can improve their security posture. Please contact us to make a booking.