As many of us are regularly using our phones, tablet or other mobile device as our primary device whilst travelling or on the road, it’s possibly the one device that doesn’t get as much attention when it comes to servicing them in the same way we do a computer. However, here are five ways you can spring clean these devices to ensure you keep it run at an optimal level.

Install the latest operating system upgrades

Manufacturers and telecommunications providers introduce regularly updates to improve the reliability and performance of their devices on their network. It is worthwhile checking at least once a quarter to see whether any new upgrades or updates are available to ensure that you are running the latest version of your mobile phone operating systems (Apple, Android and Microsoft) and associated applications.

Install the latest application updates

Similar to operating systems, apps are regularly being updated with new features and enhancements. Check your mobile device’s app store to review what updates are available, and ensure you install them when they become available. It is suggested you do this each month as new updates arrive frequently.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Tired of Angry Birds? Reclaim space on your mobile device’s storage by removing unnecessary apps you no longer use. Whilst some of the built-in apps can’t be uninstalled, those that you have installed yourself from the mobile device’s app store can generally be removed. If you decide that you want to reinstall it down the track, simply go back to the app store and download it again.

Clear out unnecessary data

You can also reclaim data consumed by the programs, such as the temporary file cache in your browser, downloaded attachments or blurry photos taken that are no longer required. This can allow more space to be made available for things you want to keep, allowing you to take full advantage of the capacity of your device.

Reorganise your apps

One of the great things about mobile devices is you can use separate screens to separate your apps. If you don’t use an app on a regular basis, move it to a separate screen so that you have your essential apps (such as Outlook) on one screen, and use another screen for those that you don’t use as often.

By following these tips, you may be able to breathe some new life into your mobile device – both in terms of battery life and usable life. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.