Whilst CyberGuru is born and bred in sunny Brisbane, where daylight savings time is not observed, we have clients who are from other cities around Australia and the world that daylight savings is applied, as well as some clients within Brisbane that have been incorrectly set up and are now running an hour ahead!

When you set up Windows, one of the steps is to choose your most appropriate time zone. However, this step can be easily missed. UTC+ 10:00 is shared between Brisbane as well as Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, and therefore you may have noticed that in the past week your clock has gained an hour.

You can change this by reviewing the Date and Time settings in Control Panel and then selecting and applying the correct one.

However, what you may also find is that your appointments are in “Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne” this is not as easily fixed unless you are willing to update all of your appointments!

We’ve recently come across an excellent Microsoft Office Outlook tool called “Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook 32-bit” which can be downloaded on Microsoft’s Download Centre (link opens in new window) for free. Once downloaded, you can update your appointments, meetings and reminders from one time zone to another – quite a time-saver, literally!

If you need a hand doing this, please contact us for our Support solution.