What’s going on with Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has been in the news over the past few weeks, and not all the reporting has been entirely accurate. So, what’s fact and what’s fiction? Here we answer a few common questions that have come up as a result of various media reports and social media commentary.


Did Google really advise users to delete Chrome?

No, this appears to have been clickbait.


Has Chrome been hacked?

Yes, Chrome has been targeted and several vulnerabilities have been identified in Chrome over the course of this year, many within the past few weeks.


What does this mean for me?

If you’re using Chrome and you see a little Update button highlighted in the top right hand corner of your browser, please click on the button. This will apply the latest updates and ensure you are protected. Lately these updates having been coming out once or twice a week, so please be vigilant. Otherwise, there is always the option to change web browsers.


Are other web browsers impacted?

While some web browsers such as Microsoft Edge are built in the same framework as Google Chrome, at this stage there is no evidence they are also impacted. However, if you are ever prompted to update your web browser, please do so.

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