blog-shouldigetawebsiteOne of the questions we ask when we assist new clients redevelop their website is who owns and who manages their domain name. Often their response is that they do, but when we ask for the necessary information to we are greeted with a blank look.

We manage domain names and website hosting for many of our clients. They benefit from having peace of mind that we are overseeing their services, ensuring the reminders for any domain name renewal are sent and liaising with the website hosting provider on their behalf.

Importantly, we also provide the relevant management details to our clients. We don’t own their domain names and website hosting – this is part of their business assets in the same way a post office box is. Some website hosting organisations take full ownership of the domain name, which means if you were to move from them (as can be necessary when another organisation takes over) then this requires them to perform the necessary changes or transfer ownership to you – neither which can be a pleasant experience.

It is important to know who owns and manages your domain name and website hosting. Otherwise it can be like having a post office box but no key, which isn’t very convenient when you want to check your mail! When you do get a domain name, ensure you obtain the relevant information from your website hosting organisation and make sure you own it.

We can assist through our Design solution on how to identify who owns and manages your domain name and website hosting. Please contact us today for more information.