Windows 11

Microsoft called Windows 10 “the last version of Windows” ever. But in a case of never say never, here comes Windows 11.

From what we know so far, it will be an upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, bringing with it some changes adopted from an abandoned Microsoft project known as Windows 10X which was designed for phones and laptops and latter cancelled. Whilst the launch is a few days away, at number of screenshots have been leaked and available online.

The new Start menu and Taskbar are being adjusted appear on the centre of the screen, although it can be moved to the left as it has been since Windows 95. It has also adopted some new high resolution icons and graphics, replacing some icons which have been around since Windows 95 also!

There’s also rounded corners across the operating system, as well as a new widgets area that has come back from earlier versions of Windows, along with new window snap options. Windows 11 has also added a proper dark mode options who prefer to work this way. From these visual changes, it looking to blur the lines between MacOS X and Android operating systems.

Whilst there is a significant number of aesthetics and visual enhancements shown, it is important to note that there’s will be behind the scenes changes too. We have yet to hear what additional features the operating system will provide, but being nearly six years since Windows 10 launched, it is refreshing to see Microsoft look to continue to enhance and improve their flagship operating system.

Whilst it took a few years, Windows 10 has taken the place of Windows 7 as the most popular operating system used throughout the world. We expect the subtle changes to Windows 11 won’t make this change as significant but will be important in the years to come.

Microsoft has noted that support for Windows 10 is going to end on 14 October 2025, some three years away, so we suggest organisations look to make plans to make the move as soon as practical for continued ongoing support and security updates.

We’ll publish more news and updates as they come, however in the meantime if you have any questions about Windows 10 or the upcoming Windows 11, please feel free to contact us.