Ask CyberGuru

CyberGuru is asked, “We have recently upgraded to Norton Security Premium. When we installed it onto our computers, we received some messages about adding Norton extensions to our web browsers. Could you please advise whether or not we should add all the Norton extensions?”

In terms of the various Norton add-ons and extensions available as part of the Norton 360 and Norton Security software, previously I have generally advised against these as they slowed down computers and caused browsers to freeze or crash. However, more recently I have suggested these be added onto your browsers to help you protect you against phishing websites.

I would suggest adding the Norton Security Toolbar which provides an indication of websites that Norton believes are suspicious.

If you are often searching, you may also like to enable Norton Safe Search when you are searching using your favourite websites and as well as the Norton Safe Search as you can search with Norton as well.

If you would like to retain your passwords securely in Norton, you can use Identity Safe but I don’t usually enable this one as I am not a fan of password managers.

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