In the latest in our Ask CyberGuru series of articles, we have been asked, “I am concerned about viruses infecting my computer. I am running both Norton 360 and AVG software to ensure I protect my computer. I am wondering though if this is helping or hindering my computer more than just having one software installed?”

Some years ago, it was seen to be worthwhile to have at least two antivirus software installed on a computer to protect a computer from viruses. This was because updates weren’t regular (often only weekly or monthly) and no software was of sufficient strength or quality.

Having two internet security software packages installed often will slow the computer as it is competing for the same memory. If it finds a virus, they will often not be able to remove it as whilst is scan it one will quarantine. It can also cause conflicts and system crashes, as I have seen with the case of some internet security protection.

Whilst some protection is better than none at all, two does not seem add any further benefit unless the product is solely performing one purpose (such as antivirus and another internet firewall). However, these days, one installation of a single internet security software package such as Norton 360 will be generally sufficient to provide adequate protection. Most internet security these integrate a number of features, including these, as well as identity/privacy and backup.

We hope this answers your question!

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