Has your internet speed reduced to pace of a snail? Can’t seem to access your favourite website? Perhaps you just don’t know what has happened but nothing seem to be working for you. Due to the way of the “internet traffic” operates, it can be frustrating not to be able to see a website that is usually works, whether it be unavailable, slow or just not being able to get to access resources. Never fear – there are some ways to get around the difficulties, here are three websites that may help diagnose and help you find and solve the issue at hand.

Is the website “down” (unavailable)?

The Down for Everyone (link opens in new window) website provides you with the ability to check whether a website is unavailable for the internet or just you. It checks by sending a request to a server located elsewhere and lets you know whether the website is unavailable for everyone or just where you are. You may be able to confirm it is down by also checking with other person (preferably using a different network) to see whether the issue.

Is your internet speed slow?

Speedtest.net (link opens in new window) is a website which will perform a series of tests to review your internet performance, provided with a rating along with comparing with other users. It will check your download, upload and “ping”. This is useful to perform at times when you find your internet is slowing to a crawl, such as peak times (just after school finishes!). Another test you can check without contacting your internet provider is Oz Broadband Speed Test (link opens in new window).


What is my IP address?

Further troubleshooting sometimes may be required if all the above two websites are unsuccessful in diagnosing the issue. It can worthwhile checking your public internet protocol (IP) address. You can check your IP address by using the website What is my IP (link opens in new window). The IP address can provide details to your technical support (such as internet service provider) to determine if it has been blacklisted or somehow blocked from accessing resources. Generally, IP addresses provided by are internet service provider are leased with their clients, so by rebooting your modem you may be provided a different one.

Rather than tangling yourself in network cables, if we can be of any assistance in supporting you in getting these or other difficulties resolved, please contact us to enlist our Support solution.